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Tonic Zen - Health & Spiritual Wellness

To Offer Your Support For These Humanitarian Causes & Tonic Zen Go To:

Hi There & Welcome To Tonic Zen - Your Premium Tonic Store.

Tonic Zen - Nurturing The Body, Mind and Spirit & Soothing The Soul With Precious Knowledge, Wisdom & High-Quality Products & Services.

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  • We at Tonic Zen are spreading the gifts of physical & spiritual healing & sharing the secrets to achieving radiant glowing health and healing with plant medicines.

Who are we? Answer: We are Tonic Zen a "For The People" Organisation. We Focus on helping YOU over making Profits!

(Having said that, profits are also essential to a sustainable business practice & we are indeed able to make profits as well as offer you high-quality tonic herbs & superfoods at a discounted price because we go straight to the growers/ harvesters themselves - resulting in fresh, high-quality & organic products where we can still make profits & provide you with a fantastic deal!)

Who will benefit? Answer: The People!

Anyone facing health issues which the doctors have given up on or just make worse with toxic pharmaceuticals, drugs & pills. Or Those who want to achieve radiant glowing health & maintain they're youth and vitality - Even those who are depleted of energy & want to revitalise & rejuvenate that child-like essence that makes one young. Tonic Zen Is Here For You & We Have Helped So Many People Across The World Regain They're Health & Balance.

What A Gift It Is To Help Others!

So much of our world is filled with poisons from the pharmaceutical industry and agriculture sectors as well as from the clothing that you & i wear to the cleaners that you & your family use and even the food that we are eating!

What we at Tonic Zen wish to accomplish & will strive towards for as long as we are around in this world is to heal & help other by providing the tools, materiel & knowledge people like you & I need to create a better future for ourselves & our future generations. For our children & our children's children.

We teach The Ancient Teaching Of Oriental Health Practices - Which Are The Most Highly Developed Healing/ Health Systems In The World.

The Teachings Of Our Three Treasures.

One can use These Rare & Elite Class Of Tonic Herbs to re-establish harmony & balance within the body to achieve What we call True Radiant Health; Which you can not only see & feel but also experience for yourself just how transformational these processes really are.

It would be now be prudent to mention The Primal Importance of Quality at this point. As without it results are limited. We always want the Highest-Quality Tonic Herbs & Superfood as well as fruits & vegetable (Organic, Ripe & Rich in Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes & Bio-Photons as well as The Three Treasures!) - Which We At Tonic Zen Strive To Provide YOU With!

Description Of Fund Management:

We need funds to start:

1. Branding our products.
  1. Stocking small batches of our Non-Parallel Quality Tonic Herbs & Superfood.

  2. Purchasing Bulk & Custom Branded Packaging & Labels

  3. Purchase Online Store Business Plans

  4. Purchase Marketing & Advertising Services

  5. Pay for Booths & Local Market Insertion fees

  6. Get Our Great Products Into Our Local Markets & Health Stores.

Now If You Stuck Around With Us This Long - Let Us Also Tell You Of The Great Humanitarian Projects We Have Planned!

We Also Want To Help Causes Which We Highly Believe In!

We Would Like To Set Up Two Charities In Particular.

  1. Charity To Help Bring Clean Drinking Water To People Who Are In Dire Need Of Clean Drinking Water.
    Many are Drinking ... Well A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

4,500 Children Alone Will Die Today From Water Related Illness.

We Want to stop this from being the case - behind those statistics are real people suffering & dying of preventable circumstances.

It only takes $30 to provide Clean drinking water to someone. It can have a huge impact on they're lives & consequentially our lives.

By Drilling Water Wells People Can Have Clean Drinking Water Continually. The Difference Is Massive & Life Changing.

  1. Charity That Goes Towards Saving The Bees.

We are selling Save The Bees V-Neck T-Shirt & All Profits Made From These Shirts Go Towards A Movement To Ban Neotic Pesticides being Sprayed On Our Food - Killing Bees & Poisoning Our Ground Water & Our Children When We Feed Them Foods Which Have Been Sprayed With This Nerve & Brain Killing Poison.

Without Bees Our Plants Will Stop Producing Fruits - Thus If Bees Die - Our Food Supply Dies Off And we wont be able to feed our future generation of people.

Its Truly Heart Breaking To See This Complete & utter Disregard For Life And Despite The Research - Lobbyists Continue to Get Congress To Pass The Use Of These Poisons In Our Food Supply And In Our Environment.

It has been shown that by letting things grow naturally everything is in balance & there will always be a solution to any problem. But the moment you interfere & introduce a poison for example - A imbalance occurs and now one specific insect that kept a problem in check no longer helps you because it doesn't want to touch the poison or it dies as a result and thus problems remain unresolved due to the interference and thus a whole can of worms are opened where now more poisons are needed to stop the problems that re no longer being resolved naturally due to the toxic mindset & interference.

If you want to help support the Cause - You Can Donate $50 or more and receive either of these awesome Save The Bees Shirts.
By wearing these SAVE THE BEES Shirt you will be spreading the awareness of bee, ecological and our own physiological health.

The shirts are made with 100% cotton & Use a Natural Ink.

We recommend donating $50 so as to contribute $25 to the "Save The Bees Fund" and help spread awareness of this silent bee die off & help stop this tragic catastrophe taking place.

Option 1

Option 2

I Want to Thank all of You for sticking around with us thus far and we hope to see you see the need to donate for our Healthy & Sustainable Life-style Tonic Store - Tonic Zen

Truly By Supporting Us You Will Be Supporting Others And By Supporting Others You Will Be Supporting Yourself.

For if everyone cared for someone else - everyone would be taken care of.

Abundance Mindset - Peace, Love & Prosperity To YOU!!!

Warmest Of Regards
Sincerely TreeGuy Shaman
Tyson Adolfson Gélinas

To Offer Your Support For These Humanitarian Causes & Tonic Zen Go To:



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thanks for useful information.

infact some of our links weren't working on this post - We fixed that and now you can check out all the links for more information.

Yeah Its Our Pleasure. Thank-you very much for the support! :)

We Just Made & Launched A Video For This Fundraiser - Please Check It Out Because Its For A Great Cause.

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