What are the biggest problems that the human race faces in terms of peace and equality?

in #humanism6 years ago

Peace-When you look at the larger Picture the basic point of dispute between two countries is natural resources be it land, oil, coal, water etc. Two countries are bound to have conflict as long as there is uneven distribution of natural resources between them. The basic reason for the entire gulf countries to be embroiled in dispute is the abundance of Oil in them. Every world power wants a share of their natural resources resulting in war & chaos.(Iraq, Syria ,Libya Etc). The selfishness of all race's becomes apparent when you start looking at the economic side of the conflict.

The Human race is divided into a lot of subcategories, each race has its own agenda. Be it the Europeans, Americans, Arabs, Africans etc all of them have a certain sense of preference for their own Race. As a result no one Race can think with neutrality about the problems of the other Race.This selfishness clubbed together with uneven distribution of natural resources is the biggest problem in resolving world peace.

Equality -By equality if you mean equal rights as a human, it is achievable and is infact a common commodity in today's world. But if you imply economic equality it most certainly is impossible to achieve as different Humans have different levels of Intelligence. The more intelligent you are the more economic prosperous you become. Thereby the economic disparity that has existed since the dark ages will always exist. You can provide everyone an equal opportunity to flourish but you cannot make everyone flourish.

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