Logical Decisions Vs. Strategy & Authority...

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When we make decisions based on the mind’s logic...


When we make decisions based on our individual Strategy & Authority...


Then when we slip up and make decisions from the mind again...


but it takes so much time to test and be able to listen to our authority... Mental Projector here... the Struggle is real... Even hard to find proper guidance about what my authority is... LeSigh.

Such a wonderful treat to bump into someone new here that’s already into Human Design! ☺️

Indeed, it does require a lot of time to test; to listen, I suppose depends on the Authority - Emotional would take ALOT more time, with some of those waves lasting a long time before clarity, whereas Spleen or Sacral would certainly be a lot quicker.

Proper guidance on authority... well, I dunno what your authority is, but if you haven’t gotten into Laveena’s stuff yet, it’s probably the best out there (next to Ra’s), and she’s a Projector that covers a lot of stuff specific to Projectors.

This YouTube playlist on Projectors might be of particular interest: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9uYmfPDiMCpKAvq_PkU63HdTEWYHbGmf


Mental projector... nobody seems to agree on what is our authority... it's even more unclear than the Ego-Projected authority. :P
I know Laveena, she's Emotional authority I think. Found a MP that has been in his experiment for 10years, reading with him soon. That is exciting. :D

Hey, I have an invitation for you...

I started a Human Design community here since communities finally rolled out. Would be great to have you join and share... 😇

lovely. thank you very much <3 Accepting with great pleasure.

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