Radical honesty

in #humandesignlast year

I've been trying to apply "not avoiding conflicts and truth" since I have learned about Human Design and my open centers.

For me who is a very private person (believe it or not), someone with trust issues and more in the mix, stating my needs, stating what is hurting, sharing my feelings have always been super hard.

It's such a gift though to be able to share, despite your fear, knowing someone is holding space for you to do it.

The more I speak my truth, the more I discover people who are ready to hold space for me, receive me, hear me out.

This is so precious. Being seen and heard. Feeling safe.

I have been doing lots of manual work and gardening work the last 10 days, and while doing so, listening to [Brene Brown's work.] (https://brenebrown.com/)
She talks about vulnerability, Joy, connections and belonging, being seen and heard. I truly adore her. I have laughed with her, cried listening to her.

I wonder if she heard of Human Design because I found lots of what she says fits so well with the system.

After this week, where lots of radical honesty happened, lots of unraveling, healing and risk taking, I feel stronger than ever than there's no going back. I feel so much stronger for showing up entirely, fears, flaws, darts and all.

2019, you keep on delivering. What a ride...

And you? how are you


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@ocbd I was buying votes to feel seen, even if I'm aware it was a trick of the mind. It's also a way of getting a tiny return of energy/money back from being on the platform.

I get crickets whenever I post on any social, Steem was my happy place to imagine and visualize that I was finally getting eyes on what I create. I understand the spirit and why you did, but you're crushing a crucial tool and dream and my desire to share here... It would have been nice to post the comment before downvoting.

You don't know me or my situation, seeing the STEEM I was about to get next week was a big highlight for me. This downvote is really really hurting right now... Not really "kindly" way of dealing with things.

Got the message, painfully. Won't do it anymore...

https://steemit.com/ocd/@ocd/ocd-daily-issue-427 is a ink to their post in case you want to downvote it.

thank you but I hate the downvote concept. not something I want to get into. thank you for the heads up though.

OK. I think you may have been a victim of online cryptocurrency theft. You may or may not want to look into it but I am and may or may not file a complaint.

I think bidbots are a legitimate way to earn Steem cryptocurrency although they can also cause a loss of Steem currency.

I think to only downvote a post because it was helped by a bot could be considered theft.


for now @mysearchisover, you're not helping my case and you're not respecting my wishes.
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You don't even follow me. so run your battle how you wish but leave me in peace. You're not my knight in shining armor, I don't want this anger on my profile.
Show respect and let me be. STOP. Thank you.

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Please remove this downvote. :(

who are you talking to @mysearchisover ? I haven't downvoted anything...

@OCDB the #abuse supporting bot that downvoted you. I acknowlege that you are OK with #abuse but I am not. I think you may need to use steemleo.com beginning tomorrow.

I am not ok with abuse. I just want to stay true to my compass, which is not to use downvotes unless something really trashy is happening. Retaliation is not what I want in my body. I prefer focussing on creating than retaliating. :)

I wonder if she heard of Human Design because I found lots of what she says fits so well with the system

One thing I’ve found interesting as diving deeper into HD, is how/where all the other stuff fits in somewhere or somehow - sort of like once we understand the framework of the mechanics, it becomes easier to recognize patterns and which particular dynamics are at play in other perspectives - whether a more overarching concept such as the wisdom of following Strategy & Authority, or more refined complexes such as tendencies of open centers or specific gates/channels...

true. that makes sense :)

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