Are you ready to receive?

in #humandesignlast year

I was not always able to receive.
I'm 42. I have been learning to receive gracefully and with Joy, without guilt the last few years.

It's been a journey of unlearning, of letting go of my fears, of accepting that receiving was not making me weak or dependant.
Really receiving, without any guilt, any thoughts of I should pay it back somehow.

Understanding that being happy and grateful, sending this energetically to the other who is sending you a compliment or this or that can be plenty and just what they need. Remembering how good it feels when I do offer something and that not receiving fully is robbing the other from this joy.

and you? are you good at receiving? Are you struggling?
What's the thing that has been good for you to make it easier?

I want to know.


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You are not alone in feeling this way. Unfortunately it's a weird world that we live in where we are conditioned to believe we owe something to people if they did/gave something to/for us out of the goodness of their hearts.

I am constantly encouraging people to help others, not because "it's the right thing to do" but instead do it for selfish reasons.... Because "it feels great to help people". ;)

So although you might think it is a burden on them, it may actually make their day because it sure feels great to be needed!

totally agree. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Still a work-in-progress. <3

So glad to finally see someone else is writing about Human Design here!

thank you. JUST beginning my journey so it's not going to be in term of teaching :P but it helps anchor my thoughts of where I am at in the journey (Mental Projector, this may explains that? ).

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