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Are you talking about software in a website you are working on? Are the dumps a good or bad thing?


My posts all refer to IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, which is a "piggyback operating system" that runs on top of Windows. This software has been in development for 26 years. It will be released as "copyrighted open source", which means that it is fully proprietary but all of the source code and build tools are disclosed.

"Bundle" contains three features: (1) the operating system, (2) a Rackspace Cloud File administration subsystem, and (3) a "knowledge tree" publication subsystem. It is used to generate all of the (static) web pages for IDEAFARM.COM, which presents itself as a "free speech zone".

I am currently developing this "free speech zone" in the direction of supplying the 100% human curation that is no longer available on STEEM. The idea is that the powers that be will do whatever they will do, and that other web sites such as IDEAFARM.COM will provide complementary functionality so that the needs of both authors and readers are met.

Authors will be able to post on STEEM as well as post knowledge trees on IDEAFARM.COM. The posts can link to each other. Eventually, authors (and readers) will be able to install IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, which will eventually provide additional capabilities related to publishing knowledge trees.

Dumps are a good thing. In programming, a dump refers to a formatted report of the contents of memory, in this case, the new traffic database that has just been added to the servers that serve IDEAFARM.COM. Being able to get a dump of the database is the first test of whether the database really works. Now, as I have time to work on this, I will develop a reporting program, with the goal of adding a link to each and every page of IDEAFARM.COM to a traffic history report for that page.