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Agreed. I think has a views count. Not sure about Gab. Good to have traffic reports. Steemit removed the view count, I guess. Maybe they'll bring it back. If not, maybe Idea Farm is the future.


IDEAFARM.COM will complement STEEM by focusing on serving the needs of authors and readers, which will enable the STEEM community to maximize STEEM cryptocurrency value by making it as useful as possible to IDEAFARM.COM users and to other communities. IDEAFARM.COM will probably never be a provider of either cryptocurrency or blockchain products or services.

Regarding "views counts", each page of IDEAFARM.COM will have a full traffic history report, including a log of individual access events, time series histories, and cross sectional breakdowns, such as what portion of accesses were by web crawlers. IDEAFARM.COM served over four million pages over the past 12 months, most of which is search engine crawling.