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As cynical as I sound at times is not how I actually see this world. I have noticed and been a small part in the changing of things. I see how people's perceptions are changing and that's great. But I also see way deeper than that. I see how this change in the way people see things and speak with each other is having a bigger effect on the system. The system is having to try cater for this in ways. Just remember we have free will, we are many they are few. They must fool us into agreeing with their plans for us or they have no chance against us. Fooling the people is their only way. They know they can't piss us off all at the same time. We are too many. So they divide us and take advantage of the fact that we only see our own problems. No concern for others. By us all talking openly about what we see. They are listening. Never before have we had such a voice to all be heard. You may feel like you are only two or three friends posting and talking to each other about issues you see. This probably makes you feel quite alone in this struggle. Truth is you are not alone no matter how small your circle is. The system monitors social media and they group stereo types together and get the numbers just how many are pissed at certain issues. So keep talking speaking your mind about what you see. Just think if you reach only one person in a year and get them thinking and looking and speaking. And we all do just one person each year. Then we have doubled in size that year. Just remember you are part of the 99%. None of us are alone. We are all in this together.

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That's a brilliant plan. I love it.

Good to see you on The Chain, Tony!


I been over working and tired lately. Getting a better handle on things now. I miss u guys and the good quality minds and conversations here. Steemit people seem to make sense have some educate n stuff. I'll try write more often again now. Thanks heaps for the warm welcome. Very appreciated. I mean that!