Hugh Hefner - The Legend & The Original Playboy - Dead at 91

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I was definitely surprised by the sudden news this morning about Hugh's death. Although he was 91 years old and had been declining in health in the recent years I still was shocked to hear of his death. The man was a legend and almost seemed as though he'd outlast as all! Most of us at one point have flipped through the pages of a infamous Playboy Magazine , weather it was alone in the dark under the covers (hiding from your parents) or with a group of your buddies up in the tree house or deep in the woods. There was always little riskiness to picking one up and holding up the centerfold and glaring at the beautiful breasts and women within its covers.

I never personally subscribed to Playboy and once the internet came around I think it lost a lot of its thrill but I still have fond memories of finding one or coming across an abandoned copy, and there always was one, who could really throw a Playboy away? misplace yes, but never trashed! Just check under your dads bed... or in that little space above the closet hangers.. you were bound to run into one!

I always remember hearing of Hugh on MTV and seeing him, always surrounded by gorgeous women and wearing his red silk robe. Who didn't want to be him? I like most teens and young adults are extremely sexual beings... ok I might still be ;) but damn did I want to b in his shoes, legendary.

Did you know he started Playboy with only a $600 investment and he borrowed that from a friend to boot! He came out with that first issue having Marilyn Monroe on the cover seen here:


Which will cost you roughly $3000 for a decent copy on Ebay. Pretty cool addition to any collection I would think, frame that bad boy and put it up on the wall, slick!

I would love to hear nay memories you might have with experiencing your first Playboy magazine and or you thoughts about the late great Hugh Hefner!

There are some great stories and articles coming out today, which you should look up, so I won't go into his life story or anything like that but he sure did a lot during that long life of his! And not to mention the women...


Rest in Peace Hugh!
You may be one of the only people where "He's in a better place now." may not apply.

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nice post

i would give up 1 btc to experience what he experienced for 1 day

Hahahahah🤣🤣 @blueorgy why won't "he's in a better place now" apply to Hugh? Are you insinuating that he might be in hell??


Haha no 😇 just that his life was already a heaven 😏

wow lots of sexy girls.
I really like

@blueorgy, ohhhhhh sad news about the death of founder of play boy magazine,. R.I.P. Hugh Heffner!!!!!.. Life's too short to be living someone else's dream

OMG I hope we will get a movie about his live, including some details we don't know yet..

wish i have those hands & keep upvoting such as this creative funny post!!
Thanks for sharing this..

nice post
ill be happy if you would follow and upvote @brow10

RIP Hugh, what a life you had. My Dad used to buy Playboy, he kept them hidden in his Toolbox out in the Barn. As a young man I used to spend a lot of time in the Barn, reading the Articles of course. LOL

The man made his own way through the world and paved countless opportunities on the road to his bliss.