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HubrisOne is a virtual-pleasant bank cryptocurrency. We have blended the capabilities of the principle banking, worldwide bills, including debit cards, global account wide variety with the new cryptocurrency global.

Better but, we are able to be absolutely organized and dutifully upon launch.


Our vision is to be a liaison between the arena of finance and banking of the old to the brand new international cryptocurrency. In a new manner, cozy, and clean to use.

We believe this mixture will legitimize mass adoption and will increase the cryptocurrency with a view to simplest encourage this enterprise ahead.

HubrisOne permits you to speedy create a bank account currencies EUR, GBP and USD, or join your present bank account and create up to 2 hundred cross-cryptocurrency wallet chains are all within some beats.

Use one debit card HubrisOne Visa is safe for all your money owed, cryptocurrency and transaction within the wallet-aches and online. You are rewarded inside the token HubrisOne whenever you spend, load your account.

Adoption cryptocurrency adoption: boom globally, via mass market simple answer this is familiar.

Connect: being the liaison among the banking international antique and new global blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Banking that do not have a bank account: gives a primary banking carrier for residents who do not have a bank account.

Access blockchain DApps and greater with HubrisOne accomplice market.

Whether you want a New Jersey travel insurance, or mortgage. You can easily search the market partners acquire offers from our partners panel. Powered with the aid of herbal language processing, which permits you to look for at the same time as you are talking.

There is a great generation that is being built, but there was no real use case or use of actual existence to a verified business model.

Banks rate a great FX transactions while travelling and to ship cash to a foreign us of a. It is gradual, high-priced, and inefficient.

More than 2 billion human beings do not have bank accounts globally, with ownership of smartphones are growing each day, HubrisOne objectives to address this worldwide hassle.

Globally humans want smooth access to the forex marketplace and advantage of crypto blockchain. However, the industry does no longer have a user pleasant product and proposition for mass enchantment.

Buyer behavior changed into booming, especially with the advent of cryptocurrency, the bank is sluggish to innovate and lose marketplace percentage each day.

Token Metrics

  1. Token Name: Hubris
  2. Token Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)
  3. Total Fixed Supply Allocation: 1 Billion 

Equity Share Crowdfunding & Tokens

  1. Platform:
  2. Minimum share: £10
  3. Equity Available: 15%
  4. Dates: November – December (Dates to be confirmed)
  5. KYC: Yes
  6. Soft cap: £200,000
  7. Hard cap: £900,000
  8. Payment Accepted : Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Amex, Mastercard)
  9. Restrictions: None





Bitcointalk Username: awakpane

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