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much thanks hien, i always support anyone who supports the minnows


Another great piece of information! Resteemed to help get it out there. 👌


Why did say poloniex is not safe?


Hi @dojoexle! Poloniex seems to be having problems with transferring funds recently. I have had some long transactions, over a day. They have had some funds that have been lost. Bittrex is nice right now , and I've been using Bitfinex right now as well. I just wanna dip my toes in some eos and Iota. Hope all is well!

Great info I'm also very proud to be member of steemit keep it up

Great info. Congratulations!

This is great, I luckily decided to just click the 'new' button real quick before heading to bed. Can't wait to read newbie here and really like STEEMIT a lot. I gotta get some more coins this thing is going to explode. Thanks to for turning me on to it.