How to make a "Chalkboard" First Birthday: How To: Weekly contest by @izzynaveda

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Hello Steemians! I recently found this contest by @howtoweekly and I'm gonna participate with this Poster "Chalkboard" alike that I gave to my nephew for his birthday last friday! I have seen it a lot in pinterest but as seems to be digital art and that's too expensive I decided to make my own by craft. As I'm latina the writing is all in spanish but I'll translate it for you.

For this I only used a cardboard, black and white paints, a paint brush, crayons, glue, printable teddy bears (the party theme), and a picture of my nephew (also printed in normal paper).


Here's the step by step:

  1. First of all the sketch to be sure what's exactly what I'm gonna draw and write.

    DSC_0861 (2).JPG

  2. Then I painted the cardboard with black paint, just by the side I used it.

    DSC_0862.JPG DSC_0886.JPG

  3. And started drawing my nephew's name, Santiago and below a ribbon with the sentence "My first year" and the date, May 4th 2018.

    DSC_0887.JPG DSC_0889.JPG

  4. After that I divided the rest of the cardboard in 3 parts. I divided the first one again in 3 parts, in the first I wrote "I weight 10 kilos", in the second "I am 72 centimeters long" and in the third "I have 8 teeth".


  5. In the middle I leave the space for the picture and below it I made 2 sections, in the first I wrote "I can: Take little steps, blow kisses, clap, make a car with my mouth and give the fist" and drew a little car there, and in the other one "I can say: Dayana and aunt" (Dayana's his mother's name, for some reason in the world he never says mom, just her name)


  6. In the last section I wrote 3 things (all separated, you'll see it better in the next pics). First "My favorite toy: My wooden truck", in the next one "I like: Dance, going out, bath time, crawl, laugh a lot and watch tv", and in the last one "My favorite foods: sweet bread, rice, gelatin and pasta.


  7. After having all finally writed I used the white paint and the end of the paint brush to make the dots to separate all the sections, is way easier than painting dot by dot with white crayon hahaha.


  8. Then all you have to do is paint everything with the colors you want the most, I used light blue, green, yellow and orange. The best of coloring with crayons over the paint is that it looks like chalk so is perfect for our "chalkboard"!

    DSC_0892.JPG DSC_0890.JPG

  9. The printables and the picture were the last things I put, just to be sure they didn't get dirt or something. You can spread them however you want (of course the baby's pic looks better in the center)

    DSC_08886.JPG DSC_08887.JPG

  10. And finally!! You have to paint with glue all the cardboard to protect your work (this is why I printed the picture in normal paper), also it will give your master piece a beautiful brightness.

    DSC_088881 (2).JPG DSC_088899.JPG

That's all! I really hope you like it because I'm in love with it, if it wasn't my birthday gift for Santi I would have keep it hahahaha. I think that not just for the party but for decorate the baby's room is a beautiful idea. What do you think?


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Hooooo this is beautiful!!!thanks for sharing this tutorial and good luck fir the contest:D

Thank you so much! And it's a pleasure, all the process is entertaining and I think is easy to make as much of it is writing, anyone could try it and do it beautifully!

That is really cool thanks for sharing and thanks for up voting me the other day.

Hey thank you! I thought your post was really good. You can check my new one, I post it a few minutes ago :)

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