My Recipe for Cooking "Palitaw" (in english STICKY RICE DUMPLINGS): How to: Weekly Contest by @arwinhiloma

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Late this afternoon, I was too busy doing our laundry and cleaning the house. Indeed, rest day at work means full-time duty at home. But, it's the most wonderful feeling. I am always happy being with my family even if it means a lot of household chores to do.

While my kids are away, I decided to cook "Palitaw" in english Sticky Rice Dumplings.

Palitaw is a Filipino word which means "to surface"



⚫ 4 cups glutinous rice flour
⚫ 1 cup granulated sugar
⚫ 2 cup water
⚫ 1 cup sesame seeds, roasted
⚫ 2 cup grated coconut
⚫ Yema spread


⚫Mix glutinous rice flour with water until dough is formed.
⚫Scoop a small portion of dough and formed a ball-shaped, then flatten it using the palm of your hands.
⚫In the cooking pot, boil water and put the flattened dough. When it floats, remove them, and set aside.
⚫In a bowl, mix sugar and roasted sesame seeds.
⚫Roll the sticky rice dumplings in a grated coconut then in sugar-sesame mixture, then top with yema spread.

Serving size: 8

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I got the nice vibe of your day off. Making a mental note to try making these one day before long. My Mom's Dad was from the Philllipines, but these Sticky Rice Dumplings are new to me! Thanks.


it's delicious and easy to can try at home in your spare time @tacostate

@arwinhiloma I wish I have ur skills as I love this with hot cocoa or Salabat or kape


@gratefulayn it's just so easy. not really a skills but effort to try cooking this. you can do it! 😊