How To Make Money online Listening Music

-i recently made over eight hundred dollars on line from simply listening to music and in this article i am going to Tell you how you can do this even with a brand new account using your laptop or your smartphone the first thing you gonna have to do is to go to this website called makes get dark co once again it's mixed get that co

-mixed get a call was a website where you can find awesome free assets that you can use in your projects we're not going to be creating any project however we're simply going to be using this website to listen to music and then make money from it

  • if you listen to just one song you can earn about eight dollars listen detail songs you will be paid about eighty dollars if it's twenty songs then you get paid one hundred and sixty dollars if you listen to fifty songs you will get four hundred dollars and listening to a one hundred songs

-the full or and you up to eight hundred dollars and even much much more so make sure you have your smartphone ready or your laptop this method is absolutely free which means no investment needed and even if you are a beginner and you have never made any money online you will be able to do this but before we go further into the video welcome to everyday income

-any on this website all these audio clips or for free and you can use them with no attribution or even signing up on their website there are literally hundreds and thousands of songs on this website and in this video i'm going to give you at least three special tips to help you make even more money with this website now i need you to scroll to the top here where it says john

-and you only have to hover your mouse over it and it will show you the different music genres that are available on this website we can make money with any of these but since you are subscribed to this channel i want to show you something even more special that so go ahead and open either the acoustic genre or the hip hop genre category you are going to find this collection of free acoustic

-tracks that you can download for absolutely free also on this page you can find hundreds of free download able hip hop tracks okay so let us go onto this song right here and click the play button here to start listening to it you do not have to listen to the whole song because there are thousands of songs we are going to do this to now i need you to find the down

-load button which is just below the play button click on the download button so that you download the song onto your computer after the download is finished do the same with this other track right here and downloaded also to your computer and in order to make the most money with this method i need you to keep on doing this and download as many music tracks as you can onto your can

-pewter in a moment i'm going to show you how we're going to be making money with all these downloaded music tracks for the second step now i need you to go to this website called up dash forever dot org of dash forever is a website that is going to pay you to upload your files and images on this website we are going to be uploading all those music track

-max that we just downloaded from mix get darko co and every single time someone downloads are music files from up dash forever we are going to make money like i said before this is a very simple technique that you can use to make easy money online all you will be doing is to simply go back to mix get dot co download any track from any of these categories

-and upload the track on to of dash forever on this website they have a for tear structure of payments which will categorize the amounts that you will learn depending on where you received most of your downloads from for example downloads from the united states and canada are in tier one australia is tear to saudi arabia and the u a e r in tier three

-he and the rest of the world are in tier for now what this means is that countries in tier for will earn you at least three dollars those in tier three and tear to will earn you about four dollars and finally tier one countries will learn you have good seven dollars there are at least five profit modes that you can benefit from on this website and these include paid per

-download paid peripheral mix website banners and also they will allow you to sell your files another exciting thing i have to mention here is that they have over twenty different payment options that you can choose from they will provide you with the most electronic bank widely used even local and arab countries in order to facilitate the arrival of payments were

-every you are to mention but a few they have a pay pal option pair web money pioneer bitcoin western union cash plus and several others also their minimum payout is just as low as one dollar which means you can withdraw your money as soon as you make your first one dollar let me show you a real life example of how you are going to make

-money on this website right now but before we proceed here remember to smash the like button and to subscribe to our channel in the comments section below i need you to type yes or no if you agree to the following positive statement

-also remember to comment your country name below so that i can keep making more videos that work in your area now let us get back to making money okay let us go here and click the slain a button the sign up process is very easy it will take you less than a minute to complete a

-as always type your user name your passwords right here put your email in this box then click this capture and finally clicked the sign up button by the way if you prefer there is an option for you to sign and using your facebook account your twitter account or your google account once your account is ready then go here and click it says welcome select my

-count and you will be taken to your dashboard this is a brand new account and i am going to show you step by step how you can set up your own account to make earnings like these easy and effortlessly by the way be sure to click on the payment information button and finish setting up your preferred payment option select your respective category from here and after that click on say

-they've now let us go here to the left side here and click on upload files on this page we are going to actually start uploading the music files that we downloaded earlier onto this website but before you start downloading be sure to take note of these warnings here at the top here first you're not allowed to upload any material that will violate the terms of

-service or your account will risk being closed secondly you should ensure that you have your ad blocker turned off as this might as well interrupt with the upload process we are going to start uploading the music file now by clicking this button here and as soon as it is finished you will see it right here here is another bonus tip for you make sure that you select public

-so that other people can access your music file another bonus tip here also is make sure that you fill in the name of the music track and the name of the artist also to do that simply go to the mix get website and find the name of the song and also the name of the artist and then you can insert them inside this box right here in order to optimize your files one

-you are done with that then click on start upload just wait a few seconds and depending on your internet connection the process will be complete and it's going to save files uploaded the next thing you are going to do is to set of price for your music file so that every time someone downloads your music file you will be paid at least seven dollars repeat the process as many

-times as you can going back to the mix kid website downloading the music tracks from there and getting paid for those music tracks for a very long time provided you set this up correctly the and that is all you have to do

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