Dtube & Dsounds : How to Get Upvotes and Payout on the Blockchain !

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Dtube & Dsound might sound similar but they have highly different payout methods.

Dtube and Dsound are the 2 best platforms on the Steemit blockchain for creative artist, video content creators and musicians. I thought the had the same payout methods but recently found out I was wrong. Dtube and Dsound have 2 very different methods of upvoting and payout on the blockchain.


: Dtube :

Dtube has over 1 million Steem Power and they will upvote content on a daily basis. Dtube is the best choice around for independent video artist. Dtube will automatically review videos from the blockchain, upvoting what they want to promote.

*I made a video on the power of the Dtube upvote, here is a link to that video.

Video Link -

: Dsound :


Dsound has a different method of payout which I didn't learn about till a few days ago. Dsound doesn't check tracks by default, you must share your Dsound track to the Dsound, Dischord chat room. Inside the chat room you'll find a SUBMIT channel. That's the place to drop a Dsound link you want reviewed for upvoting. They will at text and whole post. try to make a solid post !

Dischord Chat Link - https://discord.gg/hSsBw3b

Don't spam the submit channel and never cry in chat or admin about your stuff not getting a upvote. This is a good general rule for Steemit in general. Negative energy and blaming others takes away from your creative momentum.

: Start Getting Paid :

Do these things every day and you'll see momentum and financial gain on the blockchain. These are the 2 best options for a video artist or musician I've found in my entire life. Take advantage of this life changing platform and technology, it's a once and a life time chance.

I need to thank anyone who has supported my work in the past, present or future. It means the world to me art, music, content and music label.

Till next time, stay creative.


▶️ DTube


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nice video. I am slowly learning the channel and grasping what the best tags for my video are. I am uploading videos from NAMM 2018 now. hopefully by adding some exclusive content over here, I can gain a bit of traction like I have on youtube.

Dsound and Steemit are seriously making me rethink my future and inspiring me to work on getting more exclusive content made and posted. Thanks for this posts, I have a lot of trouble with self promotion. I understand it can become a full time job but to be honest, if I were positioned to make money I now make at my job or even a little less consistently with content through steemit/dsound I would make it my full time job.

i think it's down right now but it should kick back in right?

maybe =P it's based on text tho so you need good text . I think atleast a few hundred words

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i may have taken this wrong but who actually owns dtube?

Dtune and Dsounds are created and run by 2 different people I believe. The names lead me to believe the were created by the same people. They have 2 highly different voting methods too

are they platforms created and ran by single people like a business? i didnt think this platform was like that. i thought it was open source thats why i was asking. idk im still confused never mind

oh this is good to know, thanks!

Thank you very much for sharing the info. I was a little confused how to approach d sound to get discovered. This post just clarified everything. Thank you one more time!

Awesome ! Glad it helped bro

You have a nice set up there @toddjsmith1979. What are these two synthesisers behind you? I guess these on your left are midi keyboards? And Focusrite as well ;-)

Those are the micro Korg and Minilogue . Yes, Focusrite records all my audio. Glad you enjoy the setup !

Thanks so much for the explanation, everything is finally making sense here

Hope it helps !

Thanks for the information it was very useful. Why can I not Resteem this?

Maybe because it’s to old ? Total guess , lol.

If you don't mind I am going to add a link to this in my next vlog video since I mention it because it helped me to understand the DSound Discord submission system.

Sounds good bro ! =)

Glad you enjoyed the content.

that was a helpful comment, thx Todd

Glad it helped bro. 👍