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RE: Tutorial: How to publish an article at Steemit? Quick and easy guide! (English/German)

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And it is possible to book lessons?
I would have been interested in money Stiim structure: they pay, far better to invest, vzaimoinvestirovanie.
Then related projects: the photo, cut the link, reviews and more.
Of course, there ip, but there is not very convenient, and it is not clear. Also part of the projects under some sort of source and / or does not work.
Beginner? :)


Thank you! :D For which topic you would book a lesson?

It is now happy to review scanned job applications around Stiim.
I've looked through a lot of material (the third day of study), and many have found, but strange in its entirety topics:

  1. Formation of earnings. How and where to move interest rates did not understand (translation quality can have Google?) As well as the value of the responses and the Census on earnings.
  2. Editors. There is a certain internal language other than html. Where to see it and the basic tags.
  3. Tags Stiim. How can I see those tags that Stiimmit not included in the right-hand column?
    Something like this...

I almost forgot:

  1. on the wallet. Ultimately just what it means to "deposit" in the "power? And the rest of the data on the wallet (what to do, how to better distribute and so on with them).