How To Sell T Shirts Online For Free | Success Story Interview

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Many people ask how to copyright their tshirt designs. The answer is "you don't have to!". When you create an original design then that artwork is automatically covered by copyright protection. Only you have the legal authority to apply that design to a tshirt and sell it for profit.

This week I met with Shopify success story Taras Lanchev. He shared his method for setting up a print on demand Shopify store and selling t shirts online completely for free! One month in and he is selling 4 shirts per day without spending any money on advertising!

Taras reveals how he is able to build his personal brand on Facebook and use that brand to send traffic to his Shopify t shirt store without paying for Facebook Ads!

Taras built his t-shirt store for free using Shopify + Printful:


Must Have Software:

Other Must Haves:

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