How to make a warm & comfy comforter 😊

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Cold weather is already here, and what is better than a warm, comfy comforter?

I am a big advocate of recycling, up-cycling and re-purposing, so here is a great idea how to make a warm comforter by using some old sheets that you still love and don’t want to get rid of them.

Let me tell you this: I hardly throw anything away. I am re-using everything 😃😂😄🤣

I got this idea when I went shopping at IKEA. I found a poly comforter filler for $7 and I grabbed it. I knew I had a few extra sheets at home, so I could make a duvet, or something like that.

Here is the filler and the 2 leopard sheets that I had available.


Mind you, I don’t own a sewing machine, so I started to stich by hand, little by little.


I did one side at a time. The end product is a wonderful two sided comforter, very light and fluffy and obviously, very warm.


So... do you have any cool re-purposing projects to share? Ideas? Can’t wait to find out 😊


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