Give the gift of penile circumcision training

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Carve up more than just the holiday bird.

This season you can give the gift of do it yourself circumcision skills!

Feast your eyes on this...

photo - Amazon

Thats right folks! Get the dining room table cleared off fast this year! And before your favorite drunken uncle passes out in the living room, get him slicing and dicing on a fully realistic mock up of a young man's genitals. Make a event of it after a delicious holiday dinner! Who will be the best candidate to attempt the cruelest of cuts on junior's jewels before the evening is over?

Granny's cat petting skills probably won't hold a candle to an inebriated DIY plumber.

Dr Antony Lempert, chairman of the NSS’s secular medical forum, said: ‘We fear that the sale of this product may encourage unqualified practitioners to carry out unnecessary surgery on infants in non-clinical conditions, resulting in serious harm.’

Wait there's MORE! Maybe...

A circumcision training kit feared to encourage potentially deadly DIY surgery has been removed from Amazon.
The kit includes a model of a young boy’s genitals, with a dark or light-skinned dummy available, to perform a mock circumcision with a selection of scalpels.

So what can you say? I've already said way more than I had planned. It's too bad there isn't an affiliate fort his great product because I'd be all over it! Happy Holidays SteemIt!

Somewhere, deceased infomercial pitchman Billy Mays is smiling!


full penile story

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how bout a butt badge for that penis cutting kit. I normally give this for more personal or gritty real posts.... but this shit made me laugh hard. and the thought of families sitting around at Christmas watching a drunken uncle practice on a young mans mock genitals...well... it just needs a butt badge... and that chettah got all excited... ill just throw this ol' originality badge out on your i read your posts often and know you source and are not a plagiarizer. so thanks for the pre bedtime laugh.
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Hope you're enjoying your extended holiday bud!

I do miss Billy Mays and his big mouth :(


BUT WAIT!!!!! THERE'S MOARRRRRRR!!!!!!!1!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!



Poor Billy, hes really missing out here!

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:


It's not "similar" content kitty cat, its the exact source. The source that I was sure to mention along with block quoting their text. So chill by the fire and have some treats. Meow, so catty.

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I'm surprised Amazon actually removed the thing from being sold.


Amazon is on my shit list right now, well one of their book sellers really, but I have no way to talk to anyone including the seller. Item not sent, won't refund, won't communicate, won't post my truthful slamming review either.