Renovations update - building my space

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Greetings steemians! 

 What a hectic week! I'm so grateful we almost done , the wall already done there only some small space left for us to carry whatever we need from outside.

 Let's take a look at my progress.

That the space I've talked about , I never thought about build something like this before. But hey look I've been there done that. Wait not yet done lol :p.

Here what it looks like from insides.

Take a look at the floor , 

Maybe tomorrow we will finish the floor , we still plastering the walls right now.I take a little bit of my time to write this up , I spent my lunch break for this one ;).


Today our mission is to complete this wall,

This one clear picture 

We need to plaster two more walls , i believe  we will finish the wall today.

Here what left.

We not much left anymore , maybe in 3-5 days we will finish everything. 

Once it all done I will list down all cost i spent for entire process for this renovation work. Thanks for reading guys!


Big Job there @rainchen
I wonder why, you don't add more windows.
That will make the room a brighter place.
Putting down those plastic on the ground will stop the moisture from the ground coming up.
Also will you be putting up some ceiling, so this will stop the dust from coming down.
#diy is a good tag to use too.

Actually there will be another window from the space we left there as u can see, once everything done I will put 2×4 feet Window there , oh the plastic , I'm making a shower room. And our soil too moisture . Everytime during raining day our floor soaking wet.
Ya gonna put #diy tag on future post. Thanks for suggestions ;)
Cheers !

Oh, You have problems with moisture, also being a single brick thick , the problems will be there too.
I suggest you applies some Tar paint outside the brick from ground level to about a foot height.
That will stop the water from soaking upwards. ( Here, we use proper water proof membrane, which comes in a paint form to apply )
Looks like you going to Tiles the shower areas, put some of the Tar paint where the shower cubical.
Do it properly and Do it once only.

Yea I heard about that waterproof paint, thanks for the reminder ;) . Ya I'm going to tiles from floor to 3 foot height. I definitely do it once , not gonna spending too much on something cost me more money haha.

Here, An Example for you. The cubical , generally waterproof to 1.8 meter height including the flooring as well. Just like a fish pond. If you look carefully the flooring is recess. That piece of wood on the floor is 2 x 2. I haven't gone to that DIY topic to write just yet.
What I can tell you is that my portfolio is huge. Currently on The Culinary Classes for beginner.
Here, is a photo for you to look at #howto

Take noted on that one, thank you so much for the tips.

oh, I missed this post... nice one!

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