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First of all , I want to wish all of Steemian happy new year!!

As you can see I'm did not posting any post for past few weeks, been really busy with life and I'm at my wife hometown for few weeks.

In this post I'm gonna show you how our ancestor cooking using a BAMBOO , that sound really primitive right.

This is our main course for today The snakeHead I fish it by myself using my fish rod

Here another two of my big catch , each of this fish weigh around 750gm- 1000gm not that bad right.
Ps* I'm so tan , none stop sun shower myself for this few weeks ! Haha

Let's start how to cook it !
First of all , clean your fish. The stale , anything that u don't eat.

The ingredients we need not much , This not marijuana leave don't get confuse lol
This is Yam plant leave.

Any of you from Europe know this plant ?
This plant known as zingiber spectabile in English ;).

You like garlic and onions you can add those two spices inside the bamboo too, don't forget the zingiber as well , little bit of salt for the taste.

so we only need this part of that zingiber

Now time for us to cook our delicious food !

Make sure you roll those bamboo so that you did not burn them.

And now you know what those marijuana leave are for , sorry I mean Yam leave hahaha.

This Yam leave gonna work as a sign to know either our food already 100% well cooked or not . If your Yam leave turn brown that mean your food ready to be serve!

BONE APPLE TEA ( Bon appetit)

What do you think ?
You like my ancestor way of cooking food?
If you like this , SHARE IT , RESTEEM IT AND UPVOTE!


That's a very interesting way to cook fish, inside the bamboo. I bet it is tender! The snakehead fish is now in the water of the US, too. But it is not native here. This is a nice post that shows those fish are good to eat. Happy New Year! And happy fishing with lots of success in 2017!

Yes the fish flesh so tender , I love casting/fishing snakehead. And they flesh very good for healing wound. That what I know little bit about snakehead.

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