Erase yourself? Or just reduce your online footprint and reduce your exposure to hackers? Some websites won't let you delete your account!

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Sometimes quitting a website and deleting your account can be very difficult and even impossible. There's a useful free website that lists over 100 well known websites and ranks them on ease of deleting accounts. They have 4 color coded categories: Green is easy, yellow is medium, red is hard and black is impossible.

Some of the impossible to delete accounts websites are Netflix, YouTube, Pinterest, GoDaddy, Gawker and more.

Beneath the rating you can click on the grey bar for more information about deleting an account for that website.

It's a good idea to check what information they have about deleting an account before joining a social media website. (They also offer a free guide on how to protect your privacy and identity online, but you need to enter your email address to get it.)

picture source: pixabay

If you have some old social media accounts you don't use anymore or even forgot about, you might find some useful information to close down those useless accounts and reduce your online footprint. You never know when some lowlife hacker might collect some information on you that you left laying around in an old account.

Originally created by Robb Lewis, a UK-based developer, who didn't like the lack of transparency in online account deletions. will redirect you to where everything is. (Notice that they don't rank their own website.)

Be safe
No fear

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Thanks for the good info.

You're very welcome

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