How to update your Raspberry PI running as a node for NXT

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Since July 2016, I've been using a Raspberry Pi 3 to run as a node for NXT. This was to take advantage of the NXT snapshot period that runs between 14th July to the 13th October 2016 and entitles you to Ardor tokens (ARDR), and eventually Ignis. I've never used a Raspberry Pi before and my knowledge of the command line is limited, but I was successful in setting it up with some perseverance.

Periodically, a new software release is made available and I have to try and remember all the commands again to update everything. The latest release at time of writing is NRS v1.10.2, so I decided to make a note of how I updated my RPI so I can refer back here for any future updates. Hopefully others will find this guide useful too.

Finding the Latest Software Release

Go to the official NXT Forum where you'll find the "NRS - Official NXT Releases" sub-forum. Find the thread with the latest version, in this case NRS v1.10.2. This thread will provide a download link under the release version, similar to the following:

Release 1.10.2

Make a note of the URL for later.

Updating the Software Release

  1. Stop your node by holding CTRL + C and wait until it shuts down completely.

  2. Change to the nxt directory if required using the command cd nxt

  3. Use the ls command to list all files and directories. It should contain a directory called lib.

  4. Delete the lib directory using the command rm -r lib

  5. Change to the root directory with cd

  6. Using the URL from earlier, download (or latest version) using the command:

  7. Unzip using the command unzip and overwrite all files by choosing A

  8. To start your node use cd ~/nxt and then ./

For more information about NXT or Ardor, you can visit their websites at and

Help A Brother Out

I hope you find this guide beneficial and it saves you some time. If you feel generous then you can send any NXT donations to NXT-E8BL-AKEW-9TQE-49D54. Thanks.


This is just fantastic for setting nodes up, Thankyou.

You're welcome, it saves me a lot of time and effort after every software release now.

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