My $400 Dollar 2006 Durango Project (Series #1) Intro

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Ok, it's been way longer than I anticipated. I was hoping to have this truck done already and on the road, but I also had to pay for all the parts that I am putting into this project, so I had to take on some side projects to fund it.
Below you will find my video on Youtube that compliments this blog.

So let's begin. I was shopping around for a truck to replace our Expedition that we sold, because it was falling apart with rust.
I wasn't really looking for a project car, wasn't even on my radar. So as I was searching for a new truck I found an ad for a 2006 Dodge Durango for almost $700 bucks. Ad said something like it needs head gaskets, oil pan, etc, etc.
It intrigued me, but I needed to know what was up with the oil pan. It is unusual for a car at this age to need a totally new one so I asked him. The answer I got back seemed kinda rude "Didn't you read the ad?" !
I already had a good salty attitude that day so he kinda made me mad, lol. To make a long story short I told him my final and only offer would be $400 and to my surprise he said when could I pick it up! I really didn't think he sell it to me, so I was a bit taken back. Also I only had about $650 from the Expedition sale to work with and that truck would need to be towed home, around 50 miles away!
Ok to make a long story even longer I went and checked it out. It didn't start at all. the battery was pretty much dead. So I bought it. Sent a flatbed over the next day and they towed it to my driveway as you can see in the pick below.


So this is my intro to my series I am doing on this project. I will not be doing a step by step engine rebuild course here, but there will be many tips I give as I go along to hopefully save you some time and frustration.
I am currently about half way thru this build so I have many vids I have to edit and then make a blog like this one for, so I should be able to put up a new video every few days.
Hope you enjoy and lets learn together guys and girls.

Here is my intro vid, hope you enjoy them as much as I did enjoy making them for you all.

Here are some quick photos of things coming up








Wow this thing is gonna need some love, I rebuilt a jeep I bought for $800 a few years back and this is is bringing me back. Brings a tear to my eye to see a vehicle thats only 11 years old in this kind of shape though, I followed you to see the process, keep up the good work!

yeah, but thankfully it is mostly just the engine that needs the love. might have to replace one of the cylinder heads too.
I just put up the second blog/video
many more to come
thanks for following, it should be interesting

your blog looks interesting, so you also have a new follower.

I always admire those that go through this type of restore process. Good on you!!

thanks, it is a process but well worth it. Just knowing that your car is rebuilt right is my motivation.

That motor looks like someone drowned it, pulled it back out just to drown it again. You have your work cut out for you.

lol, I drained almost a full 5 gallon bucket of water out of it, PLUS 5 quarts of oil and that all came out of the oil pan! then I drained the usual amount out of the cooling system!
I do appreciate the comment, I should be putting up the next video this weekend

I thought so when I saw the milky white oil. excellent can't wait for the update.

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