How to get REAL internet traffic to your Website Links using AdFly

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Do you see excellent online opportunities where you can earn commissions and bonuses but can’t get enough signups to create big enough earnings?

That is a problem that many of us face as online marketers. One way to approach this is by building your own audience through creating a social media presence. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and the like have been faithful tools that you can use to do this.

Though this is proven to be highly effective, the process to build up your online community in which to market could take awhile and sometimes might not even worked out the way you planned it.

A social media presence is essentially a source of traffic that you can direct to your website, online store or referral link. However this is not the only way to generate this stream. You can access raw internet traffic through advertising websites such as AdFly.


AdFly allows you to purchase traffic that points users directly to your website or link where they will see your offer presented to them as a pop ad, banner or whichever of their options you choose. You can literally purchase thousands of viewers that see your link when they try to access documents, videos and other content on the internet.

In addition to promoting your personal business links. AdFly has their own promotional program where you can earn from promoting AdFly's link shortening service. These Ads can be placed on your website in banner form or as a more recommended Pop Ad.

You can even benefit from theAdFly where you earn a commission for introducing others to the service.


It is really up to you to chose the the features that benefit you most and work with that. There are also numerous videos online explaining how AdFly works to help you decide what is best for you and how to get set up on the platform.

What I used this service to promote was a Google Chrome plugin called CrypoTab which allows you to earn Bitcoin from mining using your CPU power but the real potential for earning is in getting others to join the mining pool and use the app as well. More about this in another post. I must say I am intrigued with the results I saw within 2 days of running my first Adfly campaign for this service. I had received 18 referrals from purchasing traffic costing less than $10.


If you found this information helpful and want to support me and use the service as well go ahead and sign up using the link below and start getting the best from your online ventures:

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