How to turn an old book into a case for your Kindle

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I don't like the look of the Amazon Kindle. It turns one of the most romantic acts possible on public transport - reading - into an ugliness on par with playing Angry Birds on an iPad. With this indisputable fact in mind, I decided to encase my Kindle in an old book that I found on the street in Berlin.

Here's how:


Step 1: Find an old book on the street.


Step 2: Cut a carefully measured hole in it for the Kindle.


Step 3: Put the Kindle in the hole.


Step 4: Cut a slightly smaller hole in a few pages above the hole you cut for the Kindle. These will serve as a border to hide all the artless bullshit Amazon put around the edge of the Kindle screen.


Nice! You're done. Your Kindle no longer looks awful.

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haha that's a wonderful DIY idea :) and a nice way to hide your ipad/kindle, usually burglars and robbers don't pay so much attention to a book :) Upvoted and re-esteemed!


Thanks for resteeming so I saw this!


Thanks! And, yes, like I read the other day: "We leave the books unsupervised; because thieves don't read and readers don't steal." — Al-Mutannabi Street, Baghdad

Really nice!! It also helps to glue some of the pages so they keep everything still.
Good job!


Yes, an important step which I left out in my haste :)


That's a great idea. Thanks for posting. I have an old Nook that you can't really find cases for anymore. When my current one wears out, I may try this out. I like your other content too. Followed for more.


Thanks @vir :)
Glad you enjoyed it.

Das ist ein sehr hübscher Lineal hast du da. Wunderbar.

This is a magnificent and tasteful (albeit furious) manual, analogous to the entire modern tech world. It is worthy of WikiHow. Please submit verbatim.


Thank you :)
What is WikiHow and why?


WikiHow is a vital modern resource:

I don't know who draws the pictures.

How should one decide which book is culturally irrelevant enough to be repurposed in this way?