Build a Pallet Garden

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Dudes and Dudettes!

Want to start a garden but don't want to deal with all the weeding and the effort of tilling up grass and preparing your soil?

There is a simple solution that is low cost and simple to build.
Queue the Pallet Garden:

OMG would you look at that!

These are so easy to maintain compared to other soil gardening methods, the materials may be sourced locally, and it will take about 30mins to construct.

Materials needed:
Pallet: needs to be stamped HT (heat treatment) here is a good guide
Plastic for weed barrier (landscape cloth preferred)
Staple Gun (Arrow) with T-50 staples
Soil (soil mix from home and garden store, or bulk soil from a local garden supply store, compost, and some type of potting soil)
Seeds! you can grow whatever you like.....yeah!

I like growing perennials, Strawberries and Asparagus were growing in the previous photo. I like to grow these mainly out of laziness and they will keep providing for you year after year.

Step 1 Get on Craigslist: Many businesses are happy for someone to dispose of their pallets for them. In fact most people will give you free materials if you are willing to put in the sweat equity to collect them.

Step 2
Gather your materials and lay out your Landscape cloth/plastic with enough to encompass the area of your pallet.
Step 3
Staple that plastic to your HT pallet and make sure to wrap the ends to prevent the soil from escaping.
Step 4
If your plastic doesn't have any holes give it some for drainage purposes. Them roots need some oxygen!
Step 5
Fill that joker with some soil! I like to take my soil and soil amendments and mix them by hand.
Step 6
Poke some holes in the soil, as a general rule give each plant at least a foot of separation. Drop at least 3 seeds of the plant you desire to grow in the hole. Not every seed will want to germinate and grow :(
Step 7
Water down that garden real good :) It is important to water your garden every day. You can save water and put less stress on your plants by watering in the morning and late in the evening. The use of a water timer comes in handy to set it and forget it! 10mins on a weep hose Morning and Evening.

Step 8
Have yourself a beer and make a post on Steemit. Have fun and experiment with different plants to see what grows the best round your neck of the woods. Keep a journal about what grew well and what didn't for continuous improvement.

Peace and Joy

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Are you kidding? That's too easy. It's amazing how efficient that is. Thanks for the tip!


you bet!



Simplicity at its best , look forward to the rest of your experimentation


Thank ya

nice...hope to see some posts with pics on how your garden pallet is doing!


Will do, I've set up 3 so far for myself and a couple people. I'll get them to send me their pics and make an update.