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Honestly, this was not even a post idea.

Recently, we relocated some wild snakes. While we were letting them go in a more remote location, Pinkie-Pepper asked if she could attempt to pick up a large Black Rat Snake. Yes, this snake can bite and it does have teeth, but it is also nonvenomous and technically harmless for the most part as far as humans are concerned.

@Papa-pepper loves his children dearly and does not want to put them in harm's way, but he can allow them to have opportunities to learn about things and better understand certain common creatures. Trust us, sharks and jellyfish are a lot more dangerous, but we still plan on swimming in the ocean soon, (if you get our point.)

Here you can see Pinkie-Pepper and Red-Pepper with an empty snake bag between them. Pinkie-Pepper is the one pointing at the snake. She is contemplating her move. Notice that the snake is alert and facing them.

Here you can see that Red-Pepper (the feet and skirt at the top of the screen) has distracted the Black Rat Snake and Pinkie-Pepper has now snuck up from behind it. She is now attempting to grab the snake behind its head so that she can control it and prevent it from biting her.

When the snake realizes what is going on, it quickly turns at Pinkie-Pepper and opens its mouth. This can be intimidating, but it also let's you know that the snake is ready to bite, and you probably should not pick it up this way.


Once the snake settles down, Pinkie-Pepper is able to walk up to it, carefully reach behind its head, and firmly grab it by the neck. Notice that this time it does not even open its mouth until after she already has a good grip on it. Now, she can pick up the snake without it biting her.

Although this is a good sized snake, it is nonvenomous and does not pose a threat to humans. So many snakes are killed each just because people are afraid of them, do not like them, or think that all snakes are dangerous. We would rather have our children understand snakes and be able to identify them, as ignorance can be very dangerous. Many people are also bitten by snakes when they try to kill them, which actually increases their fear of them and adds to the bad image of snakes.

Of course, the @little-peppers are free to fear snakes if they wish. For now, they just have a healthy respect for these creatures. We know that these types of posts are not for everyone, but we hope that some of you can appreciate them.

This snake has a place in the world, so we just moved it a little farther from our neighbors and our little animals. Also, just because Pinkie-Pepper can do it does not mean that you should try it. Be safe, it is a big world out there!


This amazing @little-peppers logo was generously provided by @rigaronib.

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Some would be turned off. Good to have a healthy view of interacting with nature as opposed to irrational fears



Many would freak out about this, or about the snake, but there is no reason too. If they want to have irrational fears later they can, but we would rather not encourage that.

There is no way I would be getting close to a snake


I can vouch first hand for the @little-peppers ability to handle snakes. I was beyond impressed. They could instruct a class on handling reptiles.


They are more competent than most men in this area!


Brave little ones! It's great that you're teaching them about safe and nonsafe critters.


Yes, they are learning "hands on" about safer ones. Other, they must only look at from a distance.

Hi " little peppers" Welcome to Steemit.
I can Follow You.
You can follow me.Thnx

Man them kids are fearless!!!


They got some skills!

Love it. Pinkie Pepper and Red Pepper are brave girls and they are clearly enjoying a unique, educational and fulfilling childhood.

I have a huge fear of snakes. My Dad was hit by a baby (tiny thing too) copperhead several years back and almost lost his leg. I go the other direction when I see one.
I absolutely love that you are teaching your children, from a young age, how to coexist with them. My son is the snake handler in this house. Anytime any of us see one we get him. He always catches it and moves it far back in the woods.
Nature is all around us, and many times it's because we have moved in on its territory. Teaching your children about these kind of things will hopefully remove the fear many of us have for things we simply don't know enough about.


These ones can help @mama-pepper out (if need be) when I am not around. Glad to hear that your boy is there to help!

Ahh... a snake! ;)

A more appropriate reaction.. hehe.. ^_^


LOL! Indeed it is @yukimaru!

The snake magnet family strikes again.

Just remember Indiana Jones was about as manly as they come and he was terrified of them. I just wrote that to make myself feel better!

Well done @little-peppers!


What? "As many as they come?"

As long as you feel better Old Dog!

Upvoted & RESTEEMED :]

Good job @little-peppers! Papa has taught you well! Upvoted and resteemed!


Thanks Brother!

Very impressed with you @little-peppers ! Talented and very skillful indeed + the teaching of the boss @papa-pepper is just perfect!
Looking forward for the ocean though!
Btw thanks for checking out my post! Really appreciate it!

Quit educative article

wow ,,,

It's important to be aware and educated of the creatures around you. We have huge rattlers here. I don't think I can pull a little pepper stunt with these ones and unfortunately I've had to kill a few. I respect how well your teaching your littles sir. A bow and curtsy to you Papa and Mama Pepper⭐️

Hey...this looks so amazing..those two little ones are soo brave!


They do a good job!

Y'all are sooooo brave! I'm scared to death of snakes and I'm "29" I wouldn't go near one UNLESS it was tryin to hurt my puppy 🐶 then I'd get mama brave! Great job girls 👍🏻

ahhh, snakes!


Technically, "snake" since there was only one, but that is a common reaction.

Wow it is impressive they are not afraid at all. I will follow you because you are extraordinary.


They are cautious and have a respect for the animals. but you are correct, they do not run in fear.

Dude you are awesome!!

In the Gif, it's nice to see that you are supporting the body of the snake! That is a lot more comfortable for them. It's safer for them, too, because their backbone isn't designed to hold all their body weight. And snakes need all the support they can get -- it's good that you've got your dad teaching you to appreciate the snakes! :D

That is good letting kids get involved in a safe way with nature. No reason to fear it unnecessarily. Good job!

Pinkie-pepper you rock!

That is my kinda family!
Great post!

Well done pinkie, 'knowing how' removes fear.
You are a real chip off the old block, get grandpa pepper to explain it to you.

I REALLY loved this post, so much so that I featured it in my "MUST READ ARTICLES" post tonight.
As always thank you so much for what you do for this community. You are a Steemit Hero.

Omg! I would never ever do that. I'd be to afraid!

Dang, those are some brave gals you are raising. They are like the opposite of the millenial social media generation.


There is no app for that.

WOW!!!! Impressive!!!!!! I have been timid (ranging to afraid) of snakes my whole life, but I know I don't need to be AS afraid of some of them and that I certainly shouldn't pass that fear on to my little one. Recently, we showed our 18 month old a snake. Her Daddy pointed to a snake (behind glass), and said in an excited, upbeat voice "Look Kaia! It's a snake." She bent over, got rather close, peered at it for a moment, and then said, "Ewwwwww" Hahahhahaha! We thought it was a funny reaction, considering we'd not tried to give her any of our preconceived ideas about snakes.


Like a boss!
That was a really entertaining post! Resteem for this one!
Snakes get such a bad rep, but they're awesome. I mainly have experience with a small boa. Great feel and powerful little things!

Wow, brave of u.

What brave little girls, it's great to see kids being brought up in nature, being taught how to deal with situations when they arise so they can deal with them in the future.

Really should improve my snake catching skills... well done @little-peppers! I'm no hero when it comes to picking up snakes.

Once again I love a post in which @papa-pepper is involved. Great way to teach kids by involving them and letting them experience with controled risks. Well done!! You are a true inspiration

Now young ladies..... We love you.

Education of the populace of wildlife is essential, in order to dispel myths and to protect the animals!


Phew! Glad I got that out! ;o)

Little Peppers, you rock SO hard - and kudos to Mama and Papa Pepper for facilitating your awesomeness!