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Telegram: add the user cryptocalapp_bot to start using the bot
CryptoCal makes it easy to view latest crypto event dates. Never miss another important crypto date, event, conference, ICO announcement or app updates again.
CryptoCal makes it extremely easy to add events to your phone calendar and schedule notifications of upcoming events/dates.
Why we are better than competition
You are probably asking "How is this better than calendar sites advertised here"
I will provide you a list of why we are better than our competition.
Security - our site is TLS/SSL enabled by default so you never have to worry about snooping eyes on what you search for
Email Alerts - Our apps already have built in native calendar integration and native notifications, but we now provide the ability for you to get alert for a particular event or daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly emails with upcoming events
Accuracy - We take pride in providing as accurate information as possible, our dedicated person will oversee that all information we post is accurate
Filtering - We provide category filtering of all the events so you can only see what you want
Adding Events - We have a dedicated person who is adding new events from all over the web and making sure all events we post have a source and the information is as accurate as possible
No Advertisements - We do not clutter our site with advertising, we maintain a clean and lean design for our apps and site
Apps - We have native apps for Android and iOS that come with their own featureset
Telegram Bot - We have created a telegram bot that you can get all latest events with a simple command to our bot user,
you can add cryptocalapp_bot on telegram today and start interactive with it
API - We want to be THE source of all crypto events, and to do that we must share our data so we will be providing an API for others to interact with our data
Ease of Use - We have strive to make our sites/apps easy
Event Count Down - All events come with their own count down so you know how long you have before the event starts
Event Local Time - We provide event time both in UTC and local time of where the event is taking place by displaying info and the timezone the event is taking place in
Other notable features
Calendar Integration - We provide a .ics file for you to integrate with what ever calendar you like
Google Calendar Integration - We provide Google calendar integration with a click of a button
Searching - We have made our search engine easy to filter out events based on the search query you provide
List/Calendar View - We make it easy to switch between calendar and list view of the events with a click of a button
Many other features - We continue to add features to all of our platforms so if we missed anything let us know
How can you help
We really would love nothing more than constructive criticism on what we have done so far, we strive to provide the best and if we are short on some of that promise please let us know and we will make it happen.
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