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This is an example post about how to use citation and referencing while creating an original article.

We'll use a few similar articles as examples throughout it with varying citation methods.

Example Post

Post title: Taxpayers May Pay for Airborne Party
Keywords: #army #taxes #money #news #government
Post body:

Image source

I found an article which I want to share with you that deeply concerns me.

Canada’s top soldier says he is disappointed and “deeply concerned” about the antics on a military flight that featured free-flowing booze, a live band and VIPs and military personnel dancing in the aisles – and which led to a sexual assault charge against a former NHL enforcer.

Source: Ottawacitizen, top paragraph

The flight, which was funded by tax payer dollars, was meant to "raise the morale of Canadian troops stationed overseas" source. Clearly, it did nothing of the sort and instead became a debauchery in the skies. It took place between December 2nd and 3rd.

The entire ordeal lead to the alleged sexual assault of a flight attendant who had the misfortune of having to work that flight. She's probably wondering why the taxes that she pays, as a working Canadian, are going towards funding her own sexual assault!

"Video taken aboard the flight and posted to one of the passengers’ Facebook accounts showed people with their drinks – including one member of Vance’s staff – dancing in the aisles of the aircraft as a rock band plays at the back of the plane." (How awesome of them to raise the morale of troops by getting hammered in the skies!) "Amplifiers were also set up in the aisles in direct violation of aircraft safety procedures", wrote the Ottawa Citizen.

Thank you for reading my post. I shared it using this news article as my source and then added my own comments:

Citation and Referencing

The following are the examples of referencing you see above and the code I used to format them:

Image source
<sup>[Image source](</sup>

Source: Ottawacitizen, top paragraph
*Source: [Ottawacitizen, top paragraph](*


wrote the Ottawa Citizen
wrote [the Ottawa Citizen](

And obviously the last one is just the copy/pasting of the link.

The above example is meant to demonstrate how you can use one source to write a complete article without plagiarizing it. The more references you add the better as you want your readers to be able to reach the original source for further information and to properly give credit. Remember, the more effort you put into your posts the lesser your chances of a Cheetah comment.

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Gracias por explicar los códigos para nosotros los nuevos es necesario saber estas cosas...


Gracias amigo

Nice reminder on how to do a proper citation... a lot of posts are slacking in that department... like the post topic... slacking in a few decisions, I'm hoping a few disiplinary parades are in order here. Way outside of the CDS. Their conduct and performance absolutely denigrated the CF... Party hard but don't ruin it for the rest.

Very nice👍
Follow me and upvote @ryanrizky. Thank