How to prevent getting hit by the WannaCry virus.

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Hey guys,
Recently, the ransomware, WannaCry has been attacking computers world wide and demanding a ransom of bitcoin to retrieve the victims files.

How it works

The WannaCry ransomware works by encrypting all your files, so you can't get hold of them!
Ten, they demand a ransom of $300 USD to get your files back.

How DO I prevent such an attack???

There are certainly a few ways you can prevent such an attack.
And I'm gonna share all of them to you!
Tip 1
Download an anti-virus

Anti-viruses are very useful, as they help you to detect Trojan viruses and such.
You could use anti-viruses like:

If you are running windows, you can even use the FREE windows defender anti-virus provided by Microsoft!!!
If you do not know how to activate it, visit this link

Tip 2
Backup your files

For your safety, back up all your files on a external hard disk or anything thing like that. Make one copy regularly so that if your computer gets infected, you still have all your files!
If you do not know how to backup your files, go here

Tip 3
NEVER click on random links sent to you.
The WannaCry virus spreads itself by sending victims random emails containing ink with the virus attached.
TO prevent yourself from clicking those links,
1. Check who sent it, if its a random sender like [email protected],be wary. Check whether its from a trustworthy site.
2. If someone in your contacts sent it to you, send a email you them asking them whether they sent you the attachment. If they did not, don't open it.
For example:
Dear < friends name>,
Recently, I have received an attachment from you in an email titled <>. Did you send it to me for my viewing???
Cheers,< name>

Tip 4
Update your computer regularly.
When you do that, you will install updates and protection for viruses. This will minimize your chance of getting infected.

Thank you for reading this post, and I certainly hope that it has helped you!
See you soon!

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