How to make natural soap in your kitchen

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Thank you all for welcoming me to the steemit community.My first post I wanted to write about cosmetics.As I wrote before, my hobbies are natural cosmetics, so I would like to show you how to prepare natural soap in your own kitchen! ;)

Soap can be made in two ways

The first one is the "cold" method, which consists in making a soap mass (the method is presented below) and then poured it into the mold and leave it to maturation.The maturation should start with covering the mold with soap, and after 24 hours (the time when the mass will pass through the gel phase) remove the concentrated mass. Cut to pieces / slices and leave them for 2-4 days. After this time you have to move them into a dry, airy place and leave them for 4-6 weeks

The second method is the "warm" method. To make soap proceed as in the first method, but instead of long maturing, we heat it on the burner. This way of production is better for me because I am naturally impatient person ;) This method I want to present today.

Necessary things:

  • oils
  • NaOH
  • distilled water
  • Kitchen scale!
  • Blender
  • Pot, glass bowl, jar, spoon
  • Molds (wooden or silicone)
  • protection: !
    -protective gloves
    -lab coat
    -Possible additions eg:
    -dried lavender
    -blackcurrant seeds
    -essential oils

Then we need a recipe.

You can use ready recipes that you can find in googles or create your own recipe in a special calculator. I will show you the production of soap on my recipe.

I use this soap calculator:

Soap calculator

my own recipe for soap

Keep the basic safety rules! Sodium is very corrosive, so you must have protective gloves, glasses and apron! When making soap in the kitchen, you should keep all food products out of the way. Open the window because NaOH vapors can also be dangerous. Just in case, I recommend to have somewhere in the area a bottle of vinegar, which can neutralize NaOH.

I'm ready !

Step 1. Thoroughly weigh the oils, distilled water (in the jar) and NaOH.
Step 2. "OIL PHASE" If you have solid oils like palm or coconut oil, carefully heat it in a pot until it dissolves.
Step 3. "OIL PHASE" Mix all the oils in the glass bowl.

Step 4. "LYE PHASE" Put the jar of distilled water into a glass bowl with cold water. Into the distilled water, slowly pour the measured amount of NaOH. ALWAYS SINK SODIUM HYDROXIDE TO WATER.NOT REVERSE! Do it slowly and mix it all the time. Taking this slowly is important because the solution quickly warms up and you can not allow the solution to start to boil and the whole would bubble off the jar. Do not keep your head above the jar, as dangerous fumes are released!

Step 5. MIXING While we were doing the LYE, the oils had cooled down a bit. Now is the time to mix them together. Do it in such a way that we poured our liquor into the glass bowl with oil, constantly stirring the spoon. When you pour all the content, set the blender to the lowest speed and mix. Mix until the mixture begins to look like potato puree;)

Step 6. Now you can add dyes or scented oils. If you decide to add it then you have to use the blender again for a few minutes (until the add-on will connect to the pulp)

Step 7. This is the end if you chose the "cold" method. But we do the "warm" method;) So put the bowl of mixed oil, lye and additives in a pot of water and boil it for about 1.5 hours.

Step 8. The fact that you can turn off the burner "inform" small air bubbles that cover the entire mass from the top.

Step 9. It's time to put the weight into the molds. If you do not have molds you can use some paper packaging such as Pringles packaging.

Step 10. Now put the molds with the mass for about 15 minutes into the fridge.
Step 11. Enjoy the handmade, natural soap! :)

Step 12. You can check the pH of the soap using a moisturized litmus paper that you apply to our soap. The score should be 7 to 9.5

See you later!

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Thank you @anisso! I have always wondered how the good homemade soaps were done. I will have to get more enthusiasm for making the soap before I try your recipes (need to get lots of supplies!) but it sure looks it will work well:-)

I love making soaps. One good thing is they just get better with age. I also use that soap calculator. It's so fun to run recipes through it and see what will work. You did a great job of explaining and love the photos.

Same here.
I just stocked up on essential oils when i found a good price.
I'll be making more soap real soon.

Love this DYI post!!! Hope to see more 😊 I'm an all natural kind of women, haha! Keep following your passions. I'm going to follow you so we can keep connected. I'm NEW to steemit 😊

cool! i am into homemade natural cosmetics also! nice to meet you, let's connect! :) i do it for 3 years now and i am loving it every day more and more. i even have a small business :)

I love your DIY post it’s great!!