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Hello Steemians,
I would like to introduce myself to this family. My name is Ridwan Muhibb. I’m 42 years old and live in Nigeria. I’m a qualified mechanical engineer. That was just a qualification. I am an herbal and spiritual consultant. This may sound confusing? Contradicting? Well, trust me, the answer is right here.
My father inherited herbal medicine practice from my grandfather. From childhood, since I was saddled with running errands for my dad. I was well versed in herbal know-how. My dad will never take a tab. He's got remedies for every ailment around. So, I grew up with him knowing the potency of every herbal remedy for different health issues.

One day (1987), it was during a long holiday. I was in primary 4. I was with my dad when a woman visited. She narrated a story that whenever she had intercourse with her husband, semen kept drifting out of her private part completely on the bed. It had been a frequent occurrence. She went to the hospital and diagnosed with a blocked tube. My dad billed her and asked her to come back for an herbal remedy the following week. We set out for the herbs for her and after securing the required ingredients he handed them over to me. I crushed them with local portal and pestle. That was what we had then in Nigeria. We have graduated far above that now though! I was given the job. I made sure the stuffs were mashed; sun dried and got a powder out of it. She administered it according to my dad's prescriptions, and behold She was pregnant after two months. Since then, I decided I’d rather be my dad’s disciple than being his son. It was like a magic. I wanted to learn more. That was where my journey began. I was curious to learn more and he was eager to teach me. Since I am the only child who showed interest, I eventually took up the challenge wholeheartedly.
My dad was late around‎ 1996, when I was an undergraduate at the Polytechnic studying Engineering. One of his clients, who were a lecturer in my school, introduced me to some superior officers and told them about my dad's versatility and spiritual inclination. Here I was dealing with learned people who had one or more health issues that were yet to be solved, took solace in my herbs and became healed. The result was wholesome and I became their health consultant immediately. One day, I went to meet the school's bursar who sent me an errand the previous day. I was dazed on getting there. He had instructed that nobody should see him. I insisted I have to see him. Due to my insistence, I was finally led to him only to see him sprawling on the floor. He has been delved a big blow by acute gastric ulcer. I later seek their consent to go ahead and prepare some herbal concussions .I was obliged. I prepared herb of a mixture of just a leaf and black oil. These are ingredients you can find around you without much ado. It took me 30 minutes. I served him, and after a few minutes he stood up. He was amazed. He had a sharp relief. He continued to use it according to my prescription thereafter and he never complained about ulcer till I graduated from the school. He changed my name...'Ulcer Man ' that was what I was known for at that time. He was my selling point. I made money from him. He told everyone around him about his success story and I quickly became a household name. He ordered me to prepare. He monetized it for me by doing the selling and I make the money. It was a successful partnership even when I was still an undergraduate studying Mechanical Engineering. It was a turning point in my healing carrier


  I made some money though, but it was not enough to write about.
The real story that changed my life was when we had a demonstration at school. It escalated from a peaceful one to something bloody. Everywhere was rowdy. There were chaos, you have to find your level and save your head. I couldn't go home. I had to put up with a course mate and a friend. We were lucky to find our way out of the chaos and landed in his home which at that time was still close to my campus. My friend’s mum was hypertensive, and also diabetic‎. But due to the chaos at school which used to be bloody at that time, she was so scared and concerned for her son’s safety; her condition became aggravated and now she was palpating, gasping for breath due to sudden rise of her blood pressure. Getting home with my friend, I saw his dad pampering her mom at her bed side. 
Without much ado, I talked to my friend if I could make some herbs for her. I tried out some stuffs....ginger, water leaf, garlic, coconut water etc together for her mum. I made a kind of concoction that we call 'agbo tutu'. And that was all. It cured her condition.

The woman gave me an apartment at her boy quarter. She told everyone around her about her new condition, even friends who were sufferers too, the reasons why she had not been coming for check-ups again at the clinic. I was preparing agbo tutu for them and at a moderate charge. For this reason, I was able to foot my bills at the polytechnic.‎ Preparing one herbal remedy or the other. The potency of this herbal remedies really guide and guard my path. From then I discovered my path and followed my passion as an herbalist rather than practicing engineering. If I checked my wife's wardrobe, maybe I should find my certificate there.
I have been preparing herbs from a tender age. I get better every day. I had researched and still moving. Today, I am married with kids, I drive a jeep, I bought another for my wife ...I live in my small apartment. All this I got by working with nature, taking required herbal class from my dad. Thank you made me. If you were alive, you would be proud of your boy.
With my education, researches and zeal, I have been able to fine tune the old practice. If you are stranded, helpless and confused about health issues. Hang here with me for detailed tips and advice of good herbal remedies of ingredients you can always find around you.......your ULCER,DIABETES,HYPERTENSION,INSOMNIA,ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION and lots more, shall fade away just like that. Yes, just like that.
Once again, I want to thank you Steemians for the opportunity to become a member of this global family.
At your doorstep, I am serving you a distilled experience and wisdom of naturopathic of hundreds of herbal doctors. WATCHOUT!!!WATCHOUT!!!

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