How to store wheat straw

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Hello friends, I hope you are all well recently. Today was Sunday. After breaking the fast, I was also off from the prayer office today. I slept longer than usual today.When I opened my eyes, it was eight o'clock in the morning, I washed my hands and went out to the fields. My daughter Eshal Fatima, who is two years old, is also with me.My cousin's house is in the companion fields. Azhar people had harvested wheat and they were putting wheat seeds in sacks and keeping it in their rooms.At the same time, they were preserving the wheat straw from the wheat crop so that in our village the animals use wheat straw along with fodder which is given to the animals all year round
I thought I'd share with my friends how to save wheat straw
To secure the wheat straw, the wooden stalks are tied together and then the wheat straw is inserted in the middle.It takes three to four men to store the wheat straw The timber canopy is raised five to six feet above the ground to maximize wheat straw storage.After storing the wheat straw for five to six feet, a wet mud roof is placed over it so that the wheat husk is protected from rain and storms etc.