How To Tuck A Shirt

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Hope you're having a great day!

Just stumbled upon this nice illustration on how to tuck in your shirt so there's the least possible amount of wrinkles left.

To tell you the truth it is quite a difficult process as when we buy shirts from any type of shop it is not exactly to our size, so sometimes folding it as stated in the picture below and tucking it in could be the best way to hide those wrinkles.


Do you guys struggle with tucking it in? I really do and some shirts are really difficult to manage. Hope you found this helpful!

-Classy Dapper

Image source (instagram):


good job ... will defo try that out. thanks for sharing

yaa my frnd i found this article very helpful ...

thanks i gotta keep it classy !!

@onepiece1 Always gotta keep it classy! :D

this is very helpful

Voted, thanks for the tip :)

Love this! I bet a lot of people don't even know this info. Thank you for sharing! @classydapper

good post .

wow very interesting, excellent post :)

Great information.So manner-able.

Interesting the same problem have some girls

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