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How To Put Your Face On Money In Gimp

Disclaimer: Do not attempt to use as legal tender.

Using GIMP 2.10 or higher, you can use this process to put your
face on any bill, I left out desaturation and bill color overlay at the end.

If using an image of a real bill (old or new), make sure you
add 'Not Legal Tender' on the finished project and do not attempt
to use it as such. Unfortunately, it has to be said.

An old gold standard twenty dollar bill was used for this project. You
can put your face on money of any denomination or year using this technique.

Bill Template: https://jerokiah.com/how-to-put-your-face-on-money-using-gimp/billtemplate

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Want to see a Gimp Tutorial on something specific? Let me know in the comments.


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