A little advice from a little fish to a little fish part 3, and 500 followers!! So exciting!!!

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I know some of you don't like milestone posts, but I can't help it!! I will also turn this into an advice article so it's not exclusively a milestone post. ;)

I have 500 followers now! That's half of 1000!! I've been creating what I believe to be high quality posts and also interacting with other Steemians as much as I can, and I think it's paying off! I try not to make my articles too long so as to lose interest, but even so, each post probably takes an average of 2 hours.

This goes to show that if you keep steeming on, putting your honest effort into this platform, you will see results!! Thank you to my followers and to those who support me here. Cheers!!

I started blogging at the end of September, and I've definitely learned some things along the way! Here are a few tips to new Steemians, as we are being flooded as of late!!

If you want to like your newsfeed, don't follow everyone who follows you! Complaining about poor content? Not used to crappy posts in comparison to other social media sites? Who are you following? There is also the mute option.

Don't be controversial! If you disagree, try to season your words so they will be tasteful. I noticed on Sola people could care less about offending others and arguments can go on for weeks, even months. If you can't help but insult people, go there! Here at Steemit we are for the most part kind to one another. I've decided to stay away from the subject of upvote bots and self voting. People have some really strong opinions on such, but I've come to believe as long as you're not straight up spamming me, sending me cookie cutter responses, and begging me for upvotes/follows, I'm going to live and let live. Even then I will probably just ignore you.


Be transparent! We want to get to know you! I noticed someone complaining about people who share their personal lives and anecdotes. Personally I love it!! I want to know the person behind the post! Sure there's a place for sterile crypto updates, but there's also a place for you! If you leave yourself out of Steemit, try something new, and post about yourself just once!!

Save your most excellent posts for when you have more followers. This may seem counterintuitive, but this is a mistake I made. You probably have some ideas for some great material when you first join, and you may have encouraging feedback from your introduce yourself post, and you may want to go in with a bang, but trust me on this one. Your first posts will likely fall away into oblivion.

Last but not least be patient. I know you can do this! STEEM ON!!! Remember, I'm a little fish too, and we're in this together. :)


Love snowpea ❤😘🙂🌸

*Images from Pixabay

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I am coming up on my 500 follower milestone as well, it's pretty cool! It took me a bit longer though, as I didn't do much research in my first months on here and kinda fell away for awhile. Let that be a lesson readers! Don't give up or fall away, eventually you'll get some momentum and you'll start getting the response you're looking for!
This is all great advice, though I do like to be controversial at times :)


Looks like you just made it to 500, and I'll be 501!! :) Congratulations!!

Love this post. Congrats on 500 followers and for giving good advice. Looks like you will continue to do well here.

Congratulations my friend. Interesting post. I need to set down and do the same as I have over 1000 followers (supposedly LOL) and have not done a thank you post since the 100 mark. I always enjoy reading your posts.


I know what you mean when you say supposedly haha! Congrats on over 1000 and thanks for reading!! :)

Some good advice! Congrats on the milestone! I like the personal posts too


Thank you!! :)

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Congratulations! Hope you make it to 1000 soon:)


Me too! Thank you!! :)

And I nominate @snowpea today

Seven day Black and white challenge https://goo.gl/7WRmNc


I already attempted the 7 day challenge but flaked out towards the end. I'll give it another try. Thanks for nominating me. :)

Congrats! Just hit 100 earlier today, aiming for 500 next. Best wishes!


Congrats to you too!! Steem on! :)

Truly, patience is a virtue! Only started December so this is all pretty much new to it. I like writing but I don't think I'm not good yet.

Thanks for sharing!


You'll get the hang of it. Looking over your finished product and editing as needed before anyone else sees it is key. ;)


I'll keep that in mind! 🤗

Good message. Youre right about not following everyone, i like my newsfeed focused. Its tempting to put your best work out there early to try and catch the eye of others, but youre right there too, save them for later.

Congrats @snowpea!

Save your most excellent posts for when you have more followers.

Totally agree, not only for when you have more followers but also for when you get on the big whales radar 😉

The alternative, is to give those great post a new lease of life by rewriting them from a different angle.


Thank you!! I don't think I'll be on a whale radar anytime soon lol. Upvoted from blocktrades once, Curie once, and ocd twice. Nothing consistent though. As for reimagining my early posts? That will be a trick!! Putting forth the same info from an early post in a new and fresh way!? Oy vay!!

Congratulations love for the 500 followers! Yes, patience, you cannot make a 50$ post in a snap. Interacting with others and consistency ! Cheers

500 followers is a great accomplishment. Enjoyed your post good advice to all us new people on here. Keep up the good work.


You're doing pretty well yourself, seeing that you just joined this month! Awesome work!! :)


Thank you!

Congrats on hitting 500 followers. Just hit 100 last week and looking forward to growing this number. 1 quality post jumped me about 30 followers and it was good practice. But yes they are a lot of work.


Congratulations on 100!! :)


Thank you! It's a great start.

Congratulations for 500 followers! You have an excellent writing style. I like it very much. upvoted and followed.


Thank you so much!! :)

Congratulations! You were made to share...great ideas and encouragement with others! So glad it's going great for you :)

Don't be controversial! If you disagree, try to season your words so they will be tasteful.
This is some really good advice, you write very well, thank you for sharing your experiences.

I really learned from your advice. I know time will come for me too, just waiting for the right time...patiently. And congrats for the 500 followers!!!

Gratz on your achievement, new milestones! I have just reached my 100 follower a couple of days ago. Your post above motivated me more. :)

Many thanks.

This post is really encouraging for me as I started very recently. I like to try and write something every day and am learning as I go. There are a few good points you made that I will implement and start working on now, so Thanks.


That's great! Welcome to Steemit!! :)

Congratulations on achieving this milestone!


Thank you :)

Excelente, eres creativa te felicito. Un besito

you look really gorgeous love the shots


Thank you! :)

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