Renovations update - building my space - shower room -

in #how-to6 years ago

Sorry for late update
Renovation phase III

Window installation time, window 10 :p jk lol.
There not really much progress on this project this few days , because some of my siblings already start back to work.

We just doing some small things such as , doing a pipe for hot water.
Then plaster the wall back and time to put the tiles on the wall and floors.

And we also already complete the wall on the new window , brick 100% complete.

Maybe in few more days this project will be 100% complete.
Maybe tomorrow I'm gonna install all my toilet stuff.

There toilet bowl ,sink and shower set.
Sorry that my daughter love to photo bomb when she sees me holding a camera hehe

Thanks for reading and following my update guys

Much love Rc
Peace out!


Lol, I bet this is your longest windows installation time :P
All the best building it out , is there more?

Ya there will be last update for this project. I will list down all the cost down.
Well yea this one the longest window installation I've done for far hehehe

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