Houston Flooding Disaster - Fish Caught by Hand in Building!

in houston •  last year

As the Hurricane Harvey disaster in Texas continues, new videos are coming out, and one is almost unbelievable.

The scene comes from inside of a house (or maybe from inside of a seafood restaurant?).

It appears one woman is pointing out a swimming fish, while a man lunges and grabs the fish, and holds it up by its tail. What makes this video even more bizarre is that there is a mounted mahi-mahi on the wall right behind the guy holding up the live fish he just grabbed!

Watching Fox News... reporter Jeff Flock was showing islands of fire ants floating in large clumps on top of the water. There are also reports of snakes, alligators and other creatures showing up in random places that have been flooded.

The video of the fish being caught is only 11 seconds long,
and can be seen on the following video,
(from the 9:00 minute mark to 9:11 minute mark)...

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