Did House Of Cards Really Just Do That? (Spoilers Season 5)

Warning, before you read further there are Spoilers for Season 5 House of Cards through episode 7. Are you watching this show? It's pretty amazing to be honest with you, and I've been on board since Season 2 came out. I went back and binged the first season, and from the start could see why it was getting rave reviews. It's a realistic depiction of the game of politics.

Through all 5 seasons it has not shied away from suggesting, flat out that politicians are criminals. Frank Underwood is going to go down in television history for being one of the most dangerous villains of all time. And I'm only up to episode 8! (If you've gone past Episode 8 ---- Please Keep those Spoiler comments out of the comment section; Come back for my follow up post when I finish Season 5 House of Cards.

That being said --- If you've seen up to episode 8, were you as blown away by this as I was? In Episide 7, House of Cards 'basically' did a reenactment of Bohemian Grove! Here is that scene, taking place at the 'fictional' Elysian Fields.

Anyone who is familiar with the rumors of this place, and this meeting that supposedly takes place all the time has had a similar reaction. Shock, and Surprise that they'd put that in there! House of Cards is a pretty popular show on Netflix. One is left to be curious as to why this scene was written into the story.

There are even more sinister plots in the story that House of Cards has been telling, so this trip to the woods is truly icing on an already controversial cake. Are you watching this show and were you also surprised by the Elysian Fields Scene?

Do you even know what that is all about??

Let's discuss that in the comments --- and please -- no spoilers 'beyond' Episode 7 of season 5 please; let's be considerate of others who have not seen the show; and let them be surprised too! (that's where all the fun is!)


The video for this unfortunately was removed. Hope this one stays up