Benefits of enclosed Courtyard homes

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There are many benefits to living in an enclosed Courtyard home, benefits such as privacy, security, indoor/outdoor living and much more. We will go over several of these benefits and ideas on how such a home can improve your life.

Pool Courtyard.jpg

There is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy you pool in the nude after a long day at work, unless you fear the neighbors might want to take a peak. With an enclosed courtyard which happens to have a pool, all things are possible. You and whomever you chose can feel comfortable and secure knowing that anyone wanting to take a peak would have to first enter the house.


It's great to have children playing outside as much as possible, fresh air and sun light does wonders for the body and mind. Unfortunately in today's chaotic world, a child playing outside can be abducted in the blink of an eye. Parents and caregivers live in a busy multitasking world, just walking away to grab your cell phone can be enough time for a child to wonder off across the street.

With an enclosed courtyard, you know your children can safely play out in the fresh air and sun light with the confidence they will remain in that general area. You can spend your time reading, cooking, cleaning or writing an article to post on Steemit.

Outdoor Living

I Hope the picture speaks for itself.

There are many other benefits in having an enclosed courtyard, happiness is on top of the list. Happy wife happy home, you can buy/build your wife a happy home (safety, privacy and functional) and she will be a happy wife.

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