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  • Do these girls know you are doing that?
  • You are misusing two popular tags (photography & steemit).
  • How long are you gonna keep doing the exact same post, but only adding a pic or two or a stat or two?
  • The only time I interacted with you, you didn't reward me for resteeming your post, like you were entertaining you would do. I told you so but you completely ignored me.

I don't understand why you have a reputation of 58, because you did take other people's work without their permission in the past. But I'm not the entire community to judge of that, just wanted to point out some things that ticked me off a bit about your Steemit habits.

@sweetsssj +1

@steempowertwins +1

@mrs.steemit +1

Warning! This user is on my black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
To get off this list, please chat with us in the #steemitabuse-appeals channel in

what is the point voting for hotgirls @steemitfaucet ... Is it only purpose of community engagement ??

Why is this same post repeated everyday?! I don't get it ?! I already voted before 😊and now we vote again ? !

I think that this @steemfaucet person has created multiple accounts and that I've just been downvoted by two of them. The other two at 25 of reputation that left comments have resteemed all of #hotgirls related posts, so they are probably also related to this @steemfaucet account. In other words, the poster seems to be trying to create an artificial buzz around his posts.

Yes it's the same post everyday asking people to UPVOTE their favorite person ! And it keeps making money everyday repeating itself ! I'm not Upvoteing anymore , it's getting anoying ! Thanks for replying ! Steem on !👍🎄🎁🇨🇦

Hi @anyz, @heroic15397, @karenmckersie !!!

I believe, my abum will help in promoting steemit.