Hotbit exchange halted trading after hacking attempt

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Cryptocurrency exchange Hotbit announced a "serious cyber attack" carried out on the platform on Thursday.

According to her, this "paralyzed the operation of some basic services." "The attackers also tried to hack into Hotbit wallets, but this attempt was detected and stopped by our risk control system," the company writes. - The Hotbit team stopped all services for verification. It is expected that the recovery period of the platform will take at least seven days."

The exchange notes that its infrastructure includes over 200 servers, which now require reinstalling. The company also claims that the organizer of the attack, after failing to steal assets from wallets, deleted the user database. You can restore it, but first you need to find out if any unauthorized changes were made.

"So we also need to conduct a comprehensive review of all the data. If inconsistencies are found, we will perform an accurate reconstruction to ensure the accuracy of all user data, " the publication says.

The database recovery process is estimated to take 7 to 14 days. The exchange admits that phone numbers, email addresses and data about users ' assets could have been in the hands of attackers. Passwords and two-factor authentication keys were stored in encrypted form, " so in theory they should be safe." However, users are advised to change their passwords on other sites if they match the password on Hotbit.

The exchange is currently moving user assets from hot wallets to cold wallets. Hotbit has promised to take on losses that may be incurred by holders of positions on margin ETFs during technical work.

"We have to admit that this is the biggest incident on Hotbit since we were founded in January 2018," the company adds.