Can HTB, Token of Hotbit Exchange Hit 40x

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HTB token released in May with a circulating supply of 1 billion. Its ico price was 0.04$. HTB is HOTBIT's own token aims for creating an ideal ecology to change digital assets.


Hotbit exchange has 4 offices with 86 employees. Market branding pool's algorithm is developed by the main quantiative market team of Wall street. Its website and mobile app are easy to use and safe. It's getting more popular in Asia everyday.

%10 od transaction fees from Btc Eth, Usdt and other main tokens are gathered in a market making pool for HTB/ BTC HTB/ ETH HTB/USDT and therefore will increase the demand for HTB.


Hotmine beta platform integrated in the Hotbit will start a demo run for mining its own token HMT and everyone holding HTB will get bonus coefficient in their reward. %5, %15 and %20 bonus coeffients will be given to those holding up to 10k, 100k and a million HTB relatively

Hotmine will officially start in 21 August. Its main purpose is to encourage people transfering their eth/btc/usdt to @Hotbit_io and use them for trading while mining HMT. They will reward miners and increase customer satisfaction as well as volume. It has a very generous rewarding system for those who wants to mine. @Hotbit_io is planning to give opportunity to mine with extra bonuses up to +%5-10-15-20-25+ to HTB and HMT holders.

HTB token will be implemented in the token platform so you will be able to trade in BTC, ETH and USDT parities. That will also increase HTB demand. Hotbit will give HTB holders an opportunity to mine HMT as well as you will not pay fee for HBT trading pairs.


HTB token is about 70 sats currently. Considering the promotions, its rewarding system and increase in the # of investors, a significant increase in its price is highly possible.

It is not listed in yet and that's another reason for us to think that its price is going to rise. REMEMBER CET? It was around 60 sats and was not also listed in CMC. But after the mining started its price hit 2400 sats.

Considering all the reasons listed here, we are pretty sure that HOTBIT will be in the top 10 exchanges soon and HTB token will be quite valuable.



Twitter: @Hotbit_io


You are absolutely right 👍

Wonderful project that targets extremely fast- growing markets.
Great team and a huge potential. Exciting to see how the project moves forward.

The next rise will be ► $Htb ◄

Great project and and it will go to the moon soon 😎

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