Waiting game is awful until.

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As you all know I am a Estate Agent and that is all I can do since 1992 I have been in this game.

Now sometimes people are on time when you have an appointment with the Buyers but now again like yesterday, oh boy I had to wait 1 and a half hour at a petrol station for this person.

Then I was just sitting and looking at the cars going past and also just on my nervous as you have to be careful sitting all alone in a Garage Parking and there is only people walking up and down the streets, and they all watching me.

But then I saw this lovely little garden for the first time and I am staying in Margate for 30 Years already a long time, but then I did not worry about the danger I jumped out of my car and took the pictures.

After that I phoned my buyer again and he said he is coming to view, now I was happy.

He eventfully arrived and I start my car and he follow, now I know exactly where the complex is as, I thought but oh dear there I go past the gate and I am lost, I could swore it was just the next turn supposed to be on the Beach. But to my own embarrassment it is not so I asked a man in the Street, where is this Mont Blanc Flats please, my GP's tell me you have arrived but I do not see it, and now the, Man in the street said 'Oh sorry I do not know. He said oh I remember it is down the other way.
Any way now I am red in my face already from sitting in the sun while waiting and now more red from embarrassment. We drove down my buyer still faithfully following me, but we could not find it, then another man in another block of Flats showed me to go back and then you will find it. All still Okay I apologize to my client, he said it is fine lets turn around in the narrow street we both turn around, he follows me and I found what a relieve, it's just were my GPS"" told me you have arrived at your destination the first time""
So I turned in that street keys in hand open gate now my client is still behind me, and so I just park in front of a garage and thought now to apologize nicely to my client, but you won't believe it, he is gone he disappeared. I am in the street looking for him like a mad women but I could not believe he disappeared. And then on the phone again I phoned and now he does not answer my call what the devil have. I done with this person he can't be so upset because of one mistake and then just went on and do not care to speak to me.
I am telling you just as it happened it was scary now after 4 phone calls to him he still not answering me I do not know if some one attacked him but, how he.,, was all the time behind, me with his big 4 x 4. oh well I know now where the
Apartment is and will never make that mistake again to not make sure before I take my buyers anywhere where to go.
After an hour he send me a sms that, we must resheddel as he took a wrong turn off, what a weak story from his side. He could not take a wrong turn off because I turned in the gate, and there was only further up the main street, so I think he did not like the place and did not want to tell me strait out.

But now if you get older and you think you know every Complex because you have been there it is not true the mind is playing games with us now.

I think my client saw this Lady on the Beach that is why he disappeared so fast.







great ..Follow me..then l'm also follow you

I will follow you for sure.
Just sometimes too busy with other work to come on steemit. I need to make money fast very short in cash this month, got to pay a lot of debt.

you may be onto something there ;-) It might be good to get a cheap Garmin and program all your houses into the software at home. Garmin has great homebase software for this kind of thing

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