Now I am scarred.

in #hot2 years ago

Can a person go nowhere any more that you are safe and protected from scammers.

Well the person who did help me with Steemit is not here to assist me any more so now I can just not do certain things on Steemit to improve my up-votes and to make a bit more money, that is actually one of the reasons I spend time on Steemit because I was told it does take time to make money, but now have not even made anything yet to get out here in to my wallet. So Now I will seek another way to make money in my spare time.

I am an Real Estate Agent and we are busy running around but most of those buyers also can not get bonds or they also just time wasters and lookers.

I hope to be able to make my money now on Bitcoin and will see how that goes will keep you informed.

Hope you had a wonderful Monday and I bid you all a good nights sleep now.

All the best for this new week and I do hope all you clever people on here that know how to make money on Steemit does make a lot of it.

Blessings to you,
Good Night.


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