What is a trillion.

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Have you ever wondered what a trillion really is. It is a number so big it is really hard for many people to get an idea or to really imagine what a trillion is . Well to make it a little more simple let's start with a million and work up. Now let's change a million to seconds. One million seconds are equal to about 11 and a half days. That is a surprise for most people so let's jump to a billion. Do you think you know what a billion looks like? One billion seconds is equal to about 32 years, wow. Now are you feeling what a billion dollars looks like . Now I think you can grasp on to what a trillion is so here we go. One trillion seconds are equal to a little over 31,000 years. My daughter is a school teacher and she had a blast with this in her classroom after I told her about it. The scary thing is Americas debt is like 200 trillion. How can they ever pay it back. My head just does not get around that one very easy.ph2013 212.jpg This photo is of my Cherokee parked on a 30,000 acre salt flat in Oklahoma that is thousands of years old. It is located northeast of Oklahoma city by Jet Oklahoma. If you dig under the salt you find hourglass crystals up to 6 inches long that only form on this one spot on earth.

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Even a million is hard to get your head around when you really think about it. A thousand little boxes, and inside each of them is a thousand little boxes.🤔


Your right even a million is complex. Thanks .

Numbers begin to lose meaning when they get that big. It's hard to imagine things at that scale for most people.
I was not aware that there was a salt flat in Oklahoma, especially not one that big.
I lived in Midwest City for 4 years back in the 1960s when I was a kid. My dad was in the Air Force and stationed at Tinker air base. I mostly remember the lizards that we used to chase after and sometimes catch.