It’s so hot here today in Canada ....

in #hot5 years ago (edited)

I can’t believe that in 2 short months we’ll be buried in snow.

Photo via #offgrid on Instagram (tuffsurvival)


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Why Thank You
@offgridlife for this beautiful vision of whats to come...

Again I shall be stacking more firewood this weekend..

Seriously a

No sympathy. Not even a little bit...!!!!!!

Nothing as cozy as a wood burning stove in the deep Canadian Winter.

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I true that...(:

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Damm vryyy hottt

Going up to 30 degrees tomorrow

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It feels like August.

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MAY I help U^^;

HAVE a nice weekend ... from SEOUL.

I would feel a little afraid hehe .. a greeting friend you have my vote @offgridlife

Me too ... too much snow

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cool one of those special shelves to stack snow on top of... you Canadians love your snow

We sure do

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