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Hello everyone! Every day, I publish various interesting reviews of all kinds of promising and profitable blockchain projects on my blog, their creators always trying to maximize their potential. Technology and creating useful products for society and the world. And today we are talking about such a project. This is Safemoon Cash.
Safemoon Cash was founded by a group of experts and experienced in their field who have a good understanding of various fields such as Venture Capital, Mergers and Acquisitions, Technology Transfer and Trade Global Trade. This team will then work and collaborate to create a platform that users and investors can rely on.

Financial history shows that, continuously or over decades, methods of commodity exchange or governance change in an unusual way. From the time of shells and mussels to exchange products, then to use jewelry and coins to exchange, in the twentieth century, people used paper cash, to the beginning of the twenty-first century was the arrangement of card type, pure bill and power. , pass is formed. Entering the second decade of this century, witness the explosion of blockchain and on the Web Settings App, showcasing a brilliant period in the Fintech monetary technology industry.
Safemoon Cash decided to assemble an ecosystem to complete the shortcomings of this technology industry. The advantages of this ecosystem are outstanding such as: Fast, safe, low cost, easy to understand, simple and high security.


However, despite these advantages, the world of digital assets, namely cryptocurrencies, is still very vulnerable to many aggressive factors that arise. Yes, blockchain technology and associated cryptographic units are themselves unique, transparent, and secure. But the platforms where you can buy or sell this kind of digital assets are currently quite weak before the strong hacker attacks. What, in principle, is evidenced by more than a dozen negative stories about how many funds are stolen from one cryptocurrency exchange or another.


Safemoon Cash will solve all these problems, it is a 100% community based project, inspired by Safemoon, which will bring many use cases to the crypto world. All Safemoon Cash transactions are subject to 4% tax on all profits. Safemoon Cash provides passive rewards to holders through static reflection. 2% of each trade is locked in the Safemoon Cash liquidity pool, creating an ever-increasing price floor. Safemoon Cash burns liquidity after token launch. Safemoon Cash will introduce the Safemoon Cash Governance token and the Safemoon Cash Governance interface.

Safemoon Cash was quietly launched by members of the BSC community at the end of April 2021. The core team consists of tech enthusiasts, graphic designers, software enthusiasts and marketing professionals, all are passionate about cryptocurrencies. Safemoon Cash will introduce a productive farming process. Safemoon Cash Governance Tokens can be invested using Safemoon Cash. This will lock up Safemoon Cash, reduce selling pressure and increase liquidity. Furthermore, Safemoon Cash will introduce an interface on its website with LP pools to easily add BNB/SAFEMOONCASH pairs. In Q3 2021, Safemoon Cash will add more utility to its ecosystem by introducing AMM contracts for easy trading/exchange on its website. Safemoon Cash was quietly launched by members of the BSC community at the end of April 2021.


Safemoon Cash aims to be a superior option to Safemoon, whose high transaction taxes mean that the only significant beneficiary is the initial investor/holder, while later investors are pushed to the periphery. Therefore, BSC based tokens increase holders by enabling them to earn automatic income through static reflection rewards. When you stake Safemoon Cash in a liquidity pool, it increases its own capital, consequently guaranteeing liquidity.

Safemoon Cash has attracted several promotional actions, indirectly, although it does not specify any development or promotion fund turnover. It's a warm community that raises funds when they need to do some marketing, which is marketing itself. Safemoon Cash takes inspiration from Bitcoin Cash, which reaches 0.25 Bitcoin ATH. The token has set a goal to do the same with its older counterpart Safemoon, which aims to reach 25% of its older brother's value.

Currently, cryptocurrency and blockchain are potential areas and will grow in the near future. However, there are not many fintech investment platforms that focus on this area. And Safemoon Cash here as a platform will focus on creating a sustainable ecosystem in which different platforms will innovate the blockchain system. Safemoon Cash will create an outstanding platform in the blockchain industry, allowing global users to receive innovative and reliable services.

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