The Creative Bubble and How You Can Get Yourself Out of It...

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Hello again, dear Steemians!

The amount of our creativity is decided by many factors in a complicated system of cause and effects, most of them related to our brain and thought process.

Some people see creativity as a product of different chain reactions in our brain, but for some people, creativity is a supernatural muse that bestows them with original and intriguing ideas about how they should work on a particular project or artistic vision.

Whatever your assumption about creativity, we can certainly say that the force of creativity is not always with us. Sometimes, we just can’t bring your head around to come up with interesting ideas that could push our work forward.

What is the cause of that and what do we do in situations like this?

Creativity is not humbled by your mere desire to create something at command. It takes dedication and patience. But that does not mean you should sit idly by if you are missing your creative force.

There are some methods and ways with which you can ignite the flame of your inner creativity again. But first, let us discuss what causes the demise of creativity.

We experience life as periods of time in which we are in a certain level of subconsciousness with a general idea of how we should see life. These are what we call thought bubbles. Thought Bubbles tend to limit our vision to that particular period of time with all its present elements.

It is as if our mind rejects any novelty that could come from outside that thought bubble. Anything is inexplicable, and everything new is dealt with aggressiveness from our brain.

Lack of creativity might simply be because of getting stuck in a thought bubble. That thought bubble could extend for days, leaving you with no creative energy to work with. In situations like this, what you need to do is get out of the comfort zone of your bubble and try out new tasks to break your routine.

Routine is a powerful friend of thought bubbles. When you are stuck with a daily routine that you just can’t shake, your creativity will start to fade as a result of your mind rejecting novelty because it simply doesn’t need anything new to function!

So, what can we do in situations like this?

The first and foremost idea is to break these routines and do something different. Take a look at your daily schedule and notice the things that you are always doing in the same order at the same time.

Try to challenge the cycle of those things and bring novelty into them.

This doesn’t mean that you are going to ruin your plans. If you are feeling a lack of creative energy, you will have to break out of your routines, but you should not lose your habits in the meantime. Consistency with your plans and your goals should always come first.

For instance, going for a walk is a decent choice when it comes to doing something out of the ordinary with your day to inspire creativity again. Walks have particularly proven to be a great catalyst for a lot of people’s creativity.

Reading new books might be another idea to increase your knowledge and boost your creativity as a result of newfound wisdom.

Whatever you do, the most important thing is to remember that you have to shake the thought bubbles in order to achieve creativity again. If you are not willing to change something tedious about your life, you cannot expect novelty to show its face.

Be patient. Losing your creativity every now and then is not a concerning problem. Note that by using the method as mentioned above, you will learn how to get back your creative energy without wasting a lot of time.

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Great article!
I addition to your suggestions I have found a certain sense of "trust" to be helpful for getting into the creative zone. Trust in the process and that it will turn out something good, even if at first it looks unpromising.
Making music is such an example: The ego says it''s not going to work (thought bubble, as you put it) and instead of believing it and correcting and correcting the first sounds I crafted, I simply decide to go with what I have in the iron-willed hope that eventually, the muse will come when the sheet is no longer blank.

I think I need to follow some of these suggestions at work. I've been 'off my game' for a while now.

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